Industrial Maintenance Is Not A Spectator Sport

As an industrial maintenance professional, when equipment fails; you are the person everyone relies on to get things running again. And you can expect to hear, “This will not take long to fix, right?”

When equipment breaks down and you are able to get things working again quickly, you are a hero.

When it doesn’t work, you are the one who catches hell. If there is anyone standing around, it will be the supervisor asking, “When will you get the line running again?” And the stress continues to build…

The more desperate the situation, the more hopeful management becomes.

Frequently this leads directly to the deadly Patch and Pray method of maintenance. You patch it up with duct tape and baling wire, and pray it survives to the end of next week.

This is no way to operate a maintenance department.

You need materials you can depend on to fit and perform as promised. Period.

I will never forget the reaction from an existing customer in a meeting to finalize the details in ordering a new component from us for the first time.

The Maintenance Planner exploded, “….and we are tired of vendors sending us new parts that don’t fit! Too often our guys have to repair something we just bought, just to make it work! When we buy it, we expect it to fit!”

I agreed. You should NEVER have to ‘fix’ a replacement component before you can use it. In industrial applications capital purchases are typically installed during a planned maintenance shutdown.
The reality is most manufacturing applications wear out steel. You need your wear plate to last long enough so it doesn’t cause any unexpected failures between your planned maintenance shut downs.

Yet most wear resistant steel vendors accept zero accountability for improving their customer’s performance.

What if we can take away 25% of your stress and frustration while delivering longer equipment life? That is a huge win for you.

If we made your job 10% harder, no one would buy anything we sell. You have enough things to do without someone trying to over complicate your life.

At JADCO we take away your risk of selecting the wrong wear resistant steel. Being in business since August 1980, we have significant experience in your industry. We have seen what works and can short cut your path to better equipment performance.

Bypass Your Learning Curve
Like Thomas Edison and the light bulb, we have also discovered what materials do not work well in some applications. This is important as it allow you to bypass the normal learning curve. This saves you money, time and gets you over the finish line with less stress.

Today’s maintenance professional is too busy with all your tasks and responsibilities. You don’t have time to constantly think about wear plate. We understand that.

Don’t pull your hair out while you are attempting to juggle the dozens of tasks dumped in your lap at the last minute. Which one or two applications could you improve to have a major improvement to your process?

Now is time to evaluate your wear challenges with your area JADCO sales professional as your Go-To-Resource. to help you manage your most frustrating wear related challenges.

Together we can assist to get you far better results, than you have experienced before.

Allow us to help you by calling (724) 452-5252, or email today. We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a day and time that best fits your schedule.

The only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.