JADCO Announces Fusion Ultra-Bond Welding Wire

When installing JADCO QT Plus ® through hardened wear resistant steel, it is most often welded into position.

QT Plus ® is the industry leader for long life with predictable wear.

It is critical when welding to match the chemistry of the welding alloy to your base metal.

Wear resistant steel contains varying amounts of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Boron and other alloying elements. This requires an alloy wire for maximum strength and ductility.

There are plenty of welding wire/stick options for installing wear resistant steel available on the market.

While JADCO is known for our Chromeweld overlay plates and hardfacing products; we have invested the time to evaluate a number of different joining wires. Only the best products are good enough for our customers to include in our line of Fusion welding products.

The result is Fusion UltraBond.


Fusion UltraBond is a seamless copper coated flux cored joining wire for use on wear resistant steel in adverse conditions.

To be an improvement over the typical joining wires on the market, JADCO needed a wire to surpass what you typically utilize.

Here are your benefits why Fusion Ultra-Bond sets a new standard for welding wear resistant steel along with high strength steels:

Seamless Flux Cored Wire – eliminates moisture pick up as most seamed flux cored wires usually do. This prevents excess Hydrogen embrittlement when you weld in high moisture environments. Hydrogen embrittlement causes most structural weld failures.


This close up shows the seam present in nearly all flux cored welding wires. This is where moisture from condensation gets picked up along with rusting on the exterior.

Copper Clad Wire – most flux cored wires are not copper coated, to prevent surface rust contamination. Essential for consistent solid welds without concern for weld defects requiring re-work.

This is particularly important when you live and work in high humidity environments.If you have periods of time with no welding, having a copper coated seamless wire will not rust like you currently experience.

Gas Shielded Flux Cored Wire – utilize 75% Ar/25% CO2 for clean, nearly spatter free welds; or use straight CO2.

All Position Welding – easy to use so you do not need to waste time changing machine parameters going from flat to vertical welds.


Get exceptional out of position welding results with UltraBond.

High Production Performance – delivers more inches of weld per minute than most conventional flux cored wires. When unscheduled breakdown repairs demand you get your equipment up and running ASAP, this is the wire you want ready to use in your welding equipment.

UltraBond was developed specifically for installing wear resistant and low alloy steels on heavy equipment in challenging cold weather locations.

Impact Toughness At Frozen Temps - The colder the temperature, the less impact resistance you will have with any material. The AWS (American Welding Society) standards determine a structural weld is acceptable if it withstands 20 Ft Lbs. impact at -20°F (Charpy Impact Test).


Charpy V-Notch Test determines the ductility of a material at specific temperature.

Fusion Ultra-Bond has been tested to withstand 66 Ft Lbs. impact at -40°F. to take greater impact in severe environments.

Cold weather is not your concern? Fusion Ultra-Bond delivers greater strength and impact resistance in any environment than most commercial joining wires.

88,500 PSI Tensile Strength – compatible with most high strength, low alloy steels to each other; and to most low carbon structural steels.

Easy Slag Removal – slag brushes away easily, leaving excellent bead profile with almost no spatter.


Slag removal is a snap with Fusion UltraBond with almost no spatter.

Every JADCO wire is layer level wound on each spool. This means our wires prevent the feeding issues you experience with our competitor’s random wound spools. You have seen strands of wire on the spool where they overlap, causing wire hangups and burn-back onto the contact tip.

When you focus exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers the last 40 years; you understand why JADCO is able to deliver greater performance in your applications than what you have been using previously.Allow us to help you by calling (724) 452-5252, or email today. We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule requirements.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

When your AR wear plate gives out, give JADCO a shout!

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