JADCO Announces New Product: Duracorr® 300


Duracorr® 300 is a trusted product name in the steel industry and now a very well-known one around the JADCO Manufacturing facilities.

To continue strengthening JADCO’s product line,Duracorr® 300 was added as the newest option to fight wear in impact and abrasion applications. “Duracorr® 300 fits well with our own proprietary abrasion and impact resistant products, specifically our QT-Plus and CHROMEWELD items.

It adds the property of corrosion resistance as a way to fight wear from another angle,” says Sarah Rattigan, JADCO’s Supply Chain Manager. “We expect to have a solid interest in it.” JADCO is the newest approved reseller of Duracorr® 300, the registered trademark of ArcelorMittal USA.

Classified as a stainless steel, its 300 BHN assists in having a greater dent resistance than the standard 304 stainless steel. It’s dual phase micro-structure gives Duracorr® 300 a toughness, but yet is weldable because of its high carbon. Click here to view the Duracorr® 300 spec sheet from ArcelorMittal USA.

Duracorr® 300’s ability to withstand high temperatures makes it a great option for processing plants. Although it’s commonly found helpful in truck bed liners, oil sands, coal carts and quarry chute applications.

Duracorr® 300 is an outstanding light-weight option when needing to keep liners at a minimal weight, not to mention cost effective for light-weight budgets. It fits nicely between a carbon steel and stainless steel.

Along with carrying Duracorr® 300, JADCO manufactures proprietary QT PLUS® and CHROMEWELD™ wear plate brands that are used to solve impact and abrasion challenges in a wide range of industries, including aggregates, cement, chemical, coal, mining, dredging, materials handling, power generation, pulp-and-paper, recycling, and steel production. QT PLUS wear plate provides ten times the wear life of conventional steel; CHROMEWELD chromium-carbide overlay steel outlasts virtually any material in high-abrasion applications.

For a complete list of our our products and services please visit our website. If Duracorr® 300 is a good fit for your next project please contact us or give us a call at 724-452-5252.