JADCO Celebrates 35 Years

JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading global provider of unique solutions to combat impact and abrasion challenges for 35 years. Founded on August 8, 1980, we pride ourselves in providing unmatched technical expertise, quality, and customer service. JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. was founded and still owned today by James A. Davison. Starting on a small scale with a handful of employees focusing mainly on supplying steel buildings, screens and fabrication services for the coal and steel industries, JADCO has grown into a being a leading global provider of unique solutions to combat impact and abrasion challenges all over the world for a vast array of industries.

As JADCO Manufacturing grew, a large focus of our product line became our proprietary QT-Plus® wear steel for impact and abrasion challenges. With its unique chemistry, blended with a unique thermal heat-treating processes, QT-Plus® has 3-5 times the wear life of commodity AR Wear Steel. Used in a variety of applications, QT-Plus® has more abrasion resistant qualities than AR400 grades, more formable than AR500 grades and a strong chemical consistency.

Along with our QT-Plus®, our CHROMWELD family, of premium overlay protection, was generated for abrasion applications in multiple industries. CHROMEWELD 600 was and still is the backbone for the CHROMEWELD family and our largest produced CHROMEWELD product. Its heavy-duty chromium carbide overlay stands up to the toughest, most demanding abrasion wear conditions. However, the CHROMEWELD line has continued to grow to including piping options (CHROMEWELD FLOW) and welding wire (CHROMEWELD FUSION). Not to mention the different grades of CHROMEWELD developed to meet a specific wear application: extreme abrasion (CHROMEWELD Nb Plus), combating corrosion and abrasion (CHROMEWELD SHIELD) and fighting ultra-demanding conditions (CHROMEWELD COMPLEX). The unique chemistries, for each grade, allow for uniformity of the overlay yet enough customization to meet the application head on.

JADCO offers an unparalleled array of proprietary products to optimize operations. Just 30 minutes north of the “steel city” (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), nestled in the outskirts of Harmony, PA, we have continued to grow both in products and physical size. We commit ourselves to providing unrivaled technical expertise, quality, and customer service. Our unparalleled array of wear resistant products will optimize your operations and increase return on wear investment.

Although our roots are still intact with supplying abrasion and impact solutions to the coal and steel industries, we continue to grow in supporting asphalt, tunneling, dredging, mining, gas, oil, cement, steel mills, waste/recycling, aggregates, power generation, pulp and paper industries, among others, worldwide.

Our design and fabrication expertise delivers genuine value no matter what our customers need: increased tonnage, superior wear life, or reduced maintenance costs. JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to the continuous improvement of our processes, product quality and on time delivery to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Over the years we have seen highs and lows of many industries. In today’s world, lasting as JADCO Manufacturing has is not an easy task. We are grateful to those who have been a part of this endeavor. We would simply like to say thank you to all of our customers, vendors, employees for 35 wonderful years. Looking forward to another 35 years!