JADCO Cheek Plates Produce Millions More Tons Than OEM Manganese Or AR400

In this weeks Wear Plate Wednesday, we review a customer’s request to combine our two leading wear plate products to deliver world class performance in a granite crushing operation.


A large granite quarry in the Northeast US averages 2 to 3 million tons of granite per year.

Using OEM cheek plates of Manganese or AR400 required changing these plates 3 to 4 times per year. A combination of Chromeweld ® 600 with a QT Plus ® backup plate, lasted the entire season.

For any set of cheek plates to last an entire crushing season, the cheek plates needed to last 3 to 4 times longer than the OEM typical Manganese or AR400 repair parts.

“Most other aggregate companies use Manganese, AR400 or a competitor’s Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) cheek plates. This requires them to repair weld hardfacing several times during the season to try and limp the equipment over the finish line.

Our long term customers know what works. They had an idea to create a combination cheek plate made from Chromeweld ® 600 with a QT Plus ® through hardened wear plate behind the 600. JADCO listened and implemented their idea.

Using this combination, our customer planned to run straight through the end of the season without touching the cheek plates. Downtime for repairs was not acceptable.”

To meet their target without worrying if it would make the goal, the customer requested we plug weld a ½” QT Plus ® onto the mild steel backing plate of the ½ on ½ Chromeweld ® 600 plate. This means welding a ½” thick deposit of chrome carbide overlay (CCO) onto a ½” thick mild steel base plate.


The consistent bead height and exceptional bead to bead fusion of Chromeweld 600 ®, delivers an outstanding product to combat your high stress grinding abrasion installation when crushing granite.

More Wear Life, Fewer Change Outs and Less Parts Inventory Produces An Industry Leading Customer

You might be thinking, “Was the QT Plus ® really needed on the back side?”

The actual life depended on which seam of granite they were crushing and how many million tons they could crush in the season.

There are four reasons why this combination of wear plates was a superior application:

1. Manganese is typically the first choice for crushing due to its ability to work harden and get tougher over time. To do this it needs heavy impact like the jaws encounter all day long. Cheek plate wear occurs from high stress grinding abrasion and does not get the impact required to harden the surface. This is why Manganese cheek plates need to be replaced throughout the season. Click Here for a comparison of Manganese vs other wear plates.

2. AR400 steel plates are initially harder on the surface than Manganese, but the center is softer and it does not work harden. You see this when the cheek plates perform well for a period of time then looks like it is completely worn out. Click Here for a comparison of AR400 type steels vs heat treated wear resistant steels.

3. The bottom line is our customer required a “Walk Away From Result”. They could install it with the confidence it did not require replacement or rework until after the season ended in November.

4. Certainly the addition of QT Plus ® raised the initial cost. Avoiding breakdowns and emergency repairs that could have been required, guaranteed their additional investment far exceeded what would have been spent on repairs when they could least afford a failure.

What Wear Applications Do You Want To Control In Your Operation?

When you have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customer for the last 40 years; you understand why using JADCO’s QT Plus ® with our Chromeweld ® 600 was able to deliver greater performance in their cheek plate application than what they had been using previously.

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