JADCO Launches Hardfacing Wire Line within CHROMEWELD Family


The CHROMEWELD name has long been associated to premier chromium carbide overlay plate, specifically for CHROMEWELD 600 and CHROMEWELD NANO, produced by JADCO Manufacturing, Inc.

However, as the brand continues to grow in multiple areas, it was inevitable to offer a leading line of hardfacing wire and electrodes. JADCO’s CHROMEWELD FUSION is the needed extension to growing the CHROMEWELD family.

CHROMEWELD FUSION Hardfacing Wire Family


CHROMEWELD FUSION-AP is an all positional flux cored wire for hardfacing of apparatuses exposed to metal to metal wear, impact and high abrasion.

It has the capability to be applied in a single or multiple passes, leaving a good appearance and high quality weld deposit. CHROMEWELD FUSION-AP is a good option when fit-up is a concern.

The wire has been developed to operate in spray transfer mode whilst welding in all positions, producing low splatter levels. CHROMEWELD FUSION-AP has a microstructure that consists of small carbides suspended in a medium alloy martensite matrix allowing for an exceptional abrasion and impact resistance.

Download the to CHROMEWELD FUSION-AP Spec Sheet learn more!


CHROMEWELD FUSION-GO is a unique chrome free hardfacing wire, meant for particularly high abrasive wear and moderate impact applications.

Being chrome-free there is no hexavalent chromium produced by the welding wire when being used, eliminating health concerns. The special formulation allows you to produce excellent abrasion resistance in a single layer.

It can be applied to carbon, low alloy, or manganese steels and can be used in hot wear applications up to 1100°F. No shielding gas is required for this welding wire making it a convenient material to work with.

CHROMEWELD FUSION-GO hardfacing wire is formulated to be used in applications where sand and earth are the main wear material.

Download the to CHROMEWELD FUSION-GO Spec Sheet learn more!


CHROMEWELD FUSION-E, a hardfacing electrode, that is an excellent option for carbon and low alloy steels, cast iron and manganese, bonding readily to all. It is intended for applications with impact and abrasion resistant qualities, being the optimum choice to the combination.

The deposits take a high polish, contributing the wear qualities, and applies well out of position.

CHROMEWELD is the name is notorious for premium chromium carbide overlay plate, but it is time to start thinking of it for hardfacing wire and electrodes as well. Whether you are working in the field or in the shop, CHROMEWELD FUSION is a name to remember for your hardfacing wire needs.

Download the to CHROMEWELD FUSION-E Spec Sheet learn more!

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