JADCO Upgrade Gains Industry Attention And You Benefit The Most

We had a special Saturday edition of the JADCO Wear Plate Wednesday blog post last week, announcing we were featured in an article for the December 2020 issue of Welding Productivity magazine.


The December 2020 issue of Welding Productivity magazine features an article on JADCO starting on page 20.

The article focused on how JADCO implemented cross training on the software for our twin torch high powered plasma table.

While we are proud to be featured as an industry leader, we wanted to let you know how this all translates into even more positive results for you, our customers.

How You Benefit With Our High Powered Plasma

 Our 400 Amp plasma burning center means your parts are cut faster, leaving a smaller heat affected zone. This means we reduce the loss of hardness at the cut area from annealing the wear plate, like you get with Oxy-fuel torches.

 Faster cuts mean less time on the burning tables. Less labor means lower prices for your items.

 Software designed for nesting; arranging each part for best material usage. Because prices are based on the smallest rectangle to produce the parts, arranging the parts to reduce the amount of steel required. This further reduces your price per item.

 Dual torch heads cut out multiple parts at once, dramatically reducing burning time and costs.

 60 degree multi-axis bevel torch heads for cutting countersinks or weld bevels on edges, as customers require. Compared to having to do another set up to cut bevels, this results in saving hours of labor and improved delivery times.


Twin plasma heads in action burning two countersunk bolt holes at once, saving you money while increasing accuracy. Click Here for a close up video burning a countersunk hole.

 Our plasma can cut thickness ranging from 1/8” through 2” steel.

 Burning steel over 2” to 12” thick steel, at this point using a computer controlled Oxy-fuel torch is often a better option than using plasma.

 Plasma burning table size is 14’ x 33’ to handle your requests for oversize sheets to better maximize your yield.

Remember – CCO or Chrome Carbide Overlay plates like our Chromeweld family of products, CANNOT BE CUT WITH AN OXY-FUEL TORCH.

They need to be cut by either plasma; or using an abrasive water jet, which is an extremely expensive option.

Here is a D-I-Y plasma cutting tip for you, when cutting CCO with your own plasma unit:

Always cut CCO plate from the mild steel side, with the overlay facing down. Yes you have to remember to reverse your template so the wear protection is on the correct side.

As much as we want to sell you Chromeweld plate; we want you to use it for controlling wear, not adding more weight to your scrap bin.


Cutting CCO, the plate doesn’t burn away like mild steel. Rather it melts away somewhat inconsistently. This is why having precise arc and speed controls on the plasma torch is critical for delivering the best parts with minimal clean up.

The darkened areas you see on the sides of the countersink are where the chrome has melted away. This is not a problem since you will have a bolt securely holding the wear plate in place.

In the photo below, notice the clean rounded corners and smooth sides in the burned out holes on these sizing screens. Optimizing the plasma torch speed for the various thicknesses of steel; results in the perfect edge at the fastest speed possible.


Countersunk bolt hole in a QT Plus ® scalping screen.

NOTE: NEVER accept square inside corners in steel wear plate.

All construction equipment has numerous stresses and different vibration every day from doing their tasks.

Square corners act as a stress concentration point, which will focus the stresses into a single location, resulting in a crack.

You can see the results in the photo below.


This is what resulted when a well-intentioned, but uninformed person requested a shape cut part from a local welding shop. The shop never pointed out his square inside corner design he requested would cause trouble in use.

Had he given the sketch to JADCO for quoting, we would have pointed out the pitfall he was about to dive into. It turned out to be a deep, expensive hole.

QUESTION: Has your current wear plate vendor invested in the equipment and training necessary to deliver longer lasting parts at a lower cost?

If not, you need to discover how JADCO can improve your wear plate Return On Investment.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers. And keep you from stepping into expensive holes along the way.

Now we trust you understand why we deliver better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on the results you receive.

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Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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