JADCO’s 6 Tips for Staying Safe this Halloween

Happy Halloween! The national day of costumes and candy is upon us and we here at JADCO know that it’s not a day reserved for children. We’re looking to celebrate in the best way that we know. What we know best is steel. We’ve tossed a few ideas around for some JADCO themed costumes. Here are the top two candidates:

1) A suit of armor fit for King Arthur’s Court made from our strongest CHROMEWELD

2) A replica Terminator cyborg crafted out of our finest HARDGUARD


While these ventures may be just a tad on the unrealistic side, we recognize that there are plenty of great ways to celebrate Halloween. The JADCO family values safety among our team members and their families tremendously, so we want to be sure that you and your family are celebrating Halloween safely — no matter what your traditions. Here are some great things to keep in mind when practicing Halloween safety, especially with the younger members of the household.

Be sure to take friends. It’s not good to be alone when trick-or-treating. It makes it easier for anything bad to happen, whether that’s getting lost, hurt, or worse.
Have a trusted adult companion. Don’t let your child trick-or-treat without supervision. It’s not enough to just be in a group of kids. Groups of kids tend to have their own ideas of what is safe and fun. Be sure the adult goes as far as to walk to every door with the kids.
Only approach or enter well lit homes. While it’s natural to trust the residents of your own neighborhood, the reality is that you can never be too careful. Advise your kids to only approach doors with permission from the accompanying adult.
Make your kids visible during evening hours. It’s Halloween, making it the most appropriate day of the year to dress your kid in reflective clothing. If reflective clothing isn’t for you, try giving your child a flashlight, glow sticks, bracelets, necklaces, or anything else that will alert the surrounding world to the presence of your child.
Costumes should not restrict vision or breathing. Here at JADCO we know all about the importance of personal protective equipment in the workplace, but we also keep work at work. Do what you can to keep your child’s eyes and mouth uncovered…especially if they intend to eat candy along the way!
Don’t be afraid to report suspicious activity. It’s easy to think that because it’s Halloween, the abnormal should be passed off as standard. Don’t think twice about alerting the authorities of something that makes you feel unsafe or out of your comfort zone.