Looking To Ramp Up Your Abrasion Resistant Steel Results?

Most of our long term customers have documented many of their abrasion resistant steel breakthroughs as a result of working with our dedicated team of JADCO sales representatives.

AR400 vs AR500? Many people wonder which delivers longer life. Installing the same wear resistant steel you have always used will continue to deliver the same old results currently making you frustrated.

Do you really want to continue down that same irritating path of unplanned wear plate failures?

Innovations and breakthroughs seldom come from within your company.

Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Your long term staff usually operates with ‘this is what we have used for decades.’
Younger staff will typically research what was done previously; not realizing it may have been disappointing from the start. They then request updated pricing on the same under-performing wear steel before moving onto their next task.

Beginning a new decade, now is the time for you to step back and consider:
• What changes have we made in our process?
• How has that affected our wear steel life?
• What materials did we use previously?
• What results were documented?

Several years ago, while attending the Con-Agg trade show in Las Vegas; a group of my customers came up to our display to check out our new products.

Be certain to visit JADCO’s booth at the 2020 ConExpo – Con/Agg Show, March 10-14, in Las Vegas.

I was surprised to see them at this show because they are in the metal recycling business. I asked why they were at a rock crushing and mining show, since it had nothing to do with scrap metal.

They smiled and said, “We use the exact same machinery with different attachments in our scrap yard. At this show we are looking for improvements in equipment and materials used by other industries. Simply following what the local competitors in our industry, we will not become better than they are today”.

“The key to improving is to take a process or product that is working well in another industry, and figure out how to apply it in our business.” The breakthroughs they have achieved have been significant.

Many times the people selling these attachments never thought of how they could utilize the same attachments in other industries for different uses.

Few companies are willing to invest in sending 6 people from the Midwest to Las Vegas for 4 days. Budgeting for flights, hotels, meals and transportation for their group at an industry trade show where they do not compete may seem hard to sell to management. Yet their management insists they always look outside the box for similar advantages.

If You Don’t Actively Seek Innovations, How Can You Possibly Grow?
JADCO’s sales representatives have delivered record breaking wear life results in a wide variety of industries.

Working together with your JADCO representative, can prevent you from making some expensive mistakes and avoid likely pitfalls other companies have already suffered through.

If I didn’t work well last time, why would you deliberately choose to repeat another failure?

In this way, you can reduce the length of time to a breakthrough in your wear resistant steel applications on your own equipment.

Why not begin 2020 with a head start over your competitors?

Now is time to evaluate your wear challenges with your local JADCO representative, to see how they are performing.

Which one or two applications could you improve to have a major improvement to your process?

Contact JADCO to assist you with a thorough review of your wear plate applications. Together we can determine where your processes can be improved.

Here are 5 questions we will ask you about your specific wear plate application experiences:
1. What wear resistant steel are you using now?
2. How is it performing?
3. What have you tried/used in the past? How did that perform?
4. What is your target life expectancy?
5. How do you measure production success? In tons or months, etc?

Together we will assist you to deliver far better results than you have experienced before.

Allow us to help you by calling (724) 452-5252, or email today. We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule requirements.
The only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

And everyone at JADCO Mfg wishes you a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.

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