Making Things Simple

Steve Jobs understood one principle better than nearly everyone else. He felt people want products that are simple, intuitive, easy to use and accessible.

Jobs always focused on how a customer wanted to use a product. Unlike the other technology wizards, who designed a product for their own goals.

JADCO is not about selling wear plate. Our focus is all about solving our customer’s problems. This means the typical “One Size Fits All” mentality simply does not fit.

Turning Technical Data into Usable Information

Rather than using 50 cent words to attempt to show you how smart we are like others do; JADCO salespeople are driven to explain things in simple, everyday terms so everyone can absorb the information to solve the wear challenges in your business.

Albert Einstein famously said, “If you cannot explain something simply, you do not understand it well enough.”

This is why most wear plate salespeople only talk about price and hardness – that is all they know.

JADCO salespeople understand every customer is absolutely special; and each one has unique applications that challenge them daily. As a result, your success is not about price per pound, it is about our trusted partnership; laser focused to get you the outcome you deserve.

Who Can You Trust?

JADCO representatives are wear plate detectives who search out exactly what result you desire, and diligently work to solve your problems together. We are determined to make your company more successful and profitable.

Your success is as important to JADCO, as if we are spending money out of our personal checkbook to resolve your wear resistant steel applications. We operate for your best interests, as a shareholder in your company. Your partnership is that critical to us.

Raising the Success Bar

True performance improvement usually doesn’t come in baby steps; it arrives in giant leaps like advancements in computer technology.

While JADCO did not invent chromium carbide overlay plate, we alone understand one size does not fit all. We know you need different, yet effective wear solutions to resolve your unique wear issues.


At JADCO, you can choose from FIVE unique industry leading overlay products. We are certain to have one that will be the best solution for your benefit:

CHROMEWELD 600 – the industry standard for abrasion resistance, long life chrome carbide plate.
CHROMEWELD Nb PLUS – The one to use when fine particle abrasion has defeated your current chrome carbide plate. Exceptional for use in high velocity applications.
CHROMEWELD Ti – this plate destroyed the industry opinion that overlay plate cannot take impact like a through hardened plate. And it does so while having far better abrasion resistance too.
CHROMEWELD COMPLEX – just what you need when dealing with a combination of high temperature, corrosion and abrasion. Complex allows you to take back control, when everything your process is trying hard to defeat your efforts.
CHROMEWELD GLIDE – when your precision application demands a perfectly smooth abrasion resistant surface, this is your go-to answer.

How can JADCO assist you in controlling your sliding abrasion applications?

Contact us today at with the day and time best for your schedule. You will be glad you did.