Measure Twice, Cut Once

Have You Received Wear Plate That Did Not Fit?

We have all heard a carpenter’s golden rule is “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” Once you cut wear plate or wood, you are committed. If you cut it too short you get to buy more material.

How to Get What You Need

In any heavy industry, over time equipment gets jostled or bumped into with mobile equipment. When you have a CAT 972M loader bump into your processing equipment, something must give. At 54,871 pounds empty; the loader will not often lose a match up.

Unfortunately if this loader is dumping rocks into a crusher 14 hours a day, 5 days a week; these bumps will happen with some frequency.

The reality is your equipment may become knocked out of square. Sure it continues to operate and after a few days the impact is forgotten by the crew. Until you must install replacement wear plates.

If you want abrasion and impact resistant steel parts to fit your equipment, it is important to measure the equipment to assure the parts drop into place as intended.

This is critical for a quick replacement without having to modify the replacement item to fit your equipment.

A project engineer at a Michigan paper mill went on a rant when he ordered some wear resistant steel. He said, “And we will no longer accept parts that don’t fit! Our maintenance crew should not have to fix items that (another vendor) made incorrectly.”

I instantly told him I couldn’t agree more. You place an order expecting the items to bolt up or the correct size to weld into place.

You Don’t Want Someone To Guess At The Size Of Your Items

Measuring replacement items for your equipment, JADCO recognizes you expect and deserve our wear resistant steel products to arrive and fit like the OEM item. Many times our customers find the parts will fit better than the original.

This defines our job at JADCO.

We are committed to delivering the right material, in exactly the right size, with correct hole locations. Your people should not need to make any modifications to be able to use it.

How To Measure So It Fits Your Equipment

Length and width define any rectangle by giving you the important information. To make certain what you receive fits your equipment, it is critical to also measure across opposite corners, as shown in the following image.


If your corner to corner measurements from A to D and B to C are not identical, this item is not square. We will create the item to fit your equipment, as long as we know up front what you want.

Some Salespeople Blame Others For Errors

A sales competitor measured replacement steel and shipped the customer’s order. When it arrived, it didn’t fit their equipment. The customer later told me the salesman jumped on the phone and immediately started yelling at his shop manager; “You can’t even cut plate square!”

Of course it wasn’t his fault….. right.

This was the same person who needed a tape measure with the ¼”, ½” and ¾” fractions listed, to try and get his dimensions correct.

Cutting Wear Plate Correctly

JADCO QT Plus ® plate is made for us in 96” x 288” plates. We then cut it to any size you need on our computer controlled, underwater plasma burning table. This guarantees you receive square plates when you provide length and width. If you require corners which are not square, we can deliver exactly what you need. We simply need to know that up front.

By cutting on our underwater plasma table, minimizes the heat affected zone to keep annealing the steel to a minimum. Annealing softens hardened wear plate.

Cutting hardened wear plate with any oxy-fuel torch is guaranteed to anneal the steel, eliminating your wear resistance investment.

Isn’t it time for you to invite a JADCO sales professional to review your current applications before it is too late? When we review what you are currently using, what you have tried and how it worked previously; we can help you achieve real improvements in your process.

Contact your local JADCO professional by calling us at (724) 452-5252 or email:

We look forward to helping you control your biggest wear related challenges.

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