MINExpo International 2021 Preview

In six short weeks the world’s largest mining show is back in Las Vegas September 13, 14 and 15, 2021.

After pausing a year, MINExpo 2021 covers every facet of the mining industry.


You can easily find JADCO located in the Central Hall, booth 7809 shown above in the red circle. JADCO is located next to major equipment manufacturers, many of whom are also JADCO customers. Click Here to see the entire Central Hall exhibitor map.

MINExpo is THE show to attend if you want to improve your productivity and reduce costs in your mining operations.

Here Are A Few Of The Mining Applications Where JADCO Delivers Longer Wear Life For Your Mining Equipment

• Chutes
• Dozer Liners
• Hopper Liners
• Impact Wear Plates
• Loader Bucket Liners & Bottoms
• Mobile Equipment Liner Kits
• Screens
• Shovel Latch Bars
• Track Pads
• Transfer Points
• Haul Truck Bed Liners
• Tube Trusses
• Wear Strips

Mining abuses your equipment around the clock. Three of the most challenging wear plate applications in any mine are the Shovels, Dippers and Haul Trucks. They move every rock you pull from the earth.

JADCO Can Protect Your Investment By Delivering More Production Tons Per Dollar Than Any Wear Plate On The Market


Protect your haul trucks by strategically using a combination of JADCO wear resistant steels. The green panels use QT Plus ® through hardened steel for loading impact resistance with abrasion. The tail in lavender uses Chromeweld 600 ™ for high stress sliding abrasion. JADCO can extend the useful life of your haul truck box without adding additional weight.


Rebuilding dipper buckets requires substantial labor so you need to use the longest lasting wear plate to battle against extreme gouging abrasion. JADCO dipper liner kits deliver the longer wear you need in this application.


The CAT 6060 Hydraulic Mining Shovel removes 67 tons of material per bucket. The wear here is beyond extreme. And you need to use the toughest material available to combat this wear. Using QT Plus ® through hardened steel along with Chromeweld 600 ™ for high stress sliding abrasion. Minimize your downtime and increase production without additional weight.


Track Pads for extended life

For over the last 40 years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our mining customers.

In fact, JADCO was created to service the mining industry.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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