Never Do These 3 Things With CCO Wear Plate

Some people discard the idea of using Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) wear plate, because they don’t have any personal experience using the material.


The surface of CCO wear plate looks completely different than what people are used to seeing from steel wear products. Notice the uniform welded bead surface of Chromeweld 600 ™ in the above photo.

1. Never Install CCO Plate Upside Down, With The Mild Steel Base Plate Exposed To The Abrasive Material.

It is easy to dismiss this tip as “Everyone knows that!”, if you have experience with clad plate.

You Don’t Know - What You Don’t Know. Until you have experience working with CCO plate, you may not be aware which side is the top or bottom.

What You Should Do is always install the plate with the welded side up as shown in the above photo. If this is your first time using Chromeweld 600 ™, always install the clad surface so it is exposed to the material causing your wear issues.

2. Never weld lifting lugs and / or pad eyes to the overlaid surface of the plate.

The purpose of the clad surface is to prevent wear from your abrasive materials moving across the plate.


What You Should Do is not weld onto the overlaid or clad surface of the plate.

3. Never Attempt To Install Or Repair Chromeweld 600 ™ By Welding Without Having An Established Plan And Procedure In Place; Which Is Followed And Monitored.

One of the most common reasons we see CCO plate fail prematurely, is due to poor installation planning and not following correct welding procedures.

Click Here to get the full Chromeweld 600 ™ worksheet listing welding, fabrication and mechanical information.


The most common failure when people install CCO plate for the first time, is not covering the weld joints with hardsurfacing to protect them from your abrasive material.

In the photo, Example A shows how the joining weld was worn away because it had no hardsurfacing protection applied to the joining weld.

Example B shows how the edge of the CCO plate was not protected with hardsurfacing, allowing the abrasive material to rapidly wear away the mild steel base plate. Thus causing the clad wear surface is simply fall away since it had no structural support by itself.

What You Should Do to protect the weld joints is cover them with JADCO Fusion 600 E hardfacing stick electrodes or Fusion 600 wire. The hardfacing deposit has the same chemistry as the overlay, allowing you to protect your wear plate investment.

BONUS TIP: Never think all chrome carbide overlay plate brands / types are the same.

CHROMEWELD 600 ™ is a premium product because of its carefully controlled, consistent high quality and increased wear resistance. We don't just call it "premium" ,

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