Out-Of-Position Chrome Carbide Hardfacing Wire

eavy industrial applications have succeeded using Chrome Carbide products to combat abrasion challenges for decades. Your application had a choice of using either hand applied hardsurface products or a Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) plate such as industry leading Chromeweld ™ 600.

Many companies have struggled with field repairs where Chrome Carbide wires were limited to welding in flat or horizontal positions. Any attempt to weld vertically or overhead would have the molten weld deposit run off the steel like water.

You just wasted hours of your time and your investment in Chrome Carbide wire cannot protect your equipment when it is lying on the ground.


Here is a 3 pass vertical up hardfacing deposit using JADCO Fusion 600 ™ wire. With correct settings and technique, this wire can weld vertical up, vertical down and overhead.

NOTE: This photo shows the lack of spatter using Fusion 600 ™. The deposit was not cleaned up for the photograph after welding.

In The Past you had to use a tool steel type hardfacing for out of position welding in the field. This required using a shield gas, which would blow away welding outdoors; compromising the weld deposit. And a leave a slag blanket to protect the weld while it cooled, which had to be chipped off prior to your next pass. None of this benefitted your efforts.

Most People Do Not Know A Tool Steel type deposit is far less abrasion resistant than a quality Chrome Carbide hardfacing deposit.

FUSION ™ 600 is a high chromium cast iron for hardsurfacing components subject to extreme abrasive wear and moderate impact. The deposit of FUSION ™ 600 contains a high quantity of hard primary chromium carbides in a tough austenitic matrix.

The deposit produced is similar to CHROMEWELD ™ 600. Using special weld settings, FUSION ™ 600 can be welded out of position. This product is used for hardfacing components experiencing wear by sand, earth and abrasives.

And FUSION ™ 600 does not require any shield gas.


This chart displays the improvement in Abrasion Resistance between mild steel and AR400 compared to FUSION ™ 600. The high content of Chrome Carbides makes your repairs or touchups highly effective.


This photomicrograph of FUSION ™ 600 shows the scale for 500 microns. There are 25,400 microns per inch, or 500 microns is 19/1000ths of an inch. With this many carbides packed tightly together, your wear resistance is locked and loaded to protect your equipment.

You Can Also Hardface Vertical Down


Many welders prefer to weld vertical down rather than vertical up, and are more productive due to their preference. FUSION ™ 600 provides excellent hardfacing results regardless of your welding travel direction preference.

And You Can Even Hardsurface Overhead


Overhead welding with a Chrome Carbide hard facing wire is usually considered impossible. FUSION ™ 600 allows you to protect your wear areas without dismantling your equipment.

Combat Abrasive Wear On Pipe Flange Joints With FUSION ™ 600.


Blow lines always struggle with abrasion wear on their pipe end flange joints. Now you can stop abrasion in this critical area and efficiently control leaks by hard surfacing these surfaces. With the pipes horizontal, you are able to hard surface weld vertical down Using Fusion ™ 600, to control your wear and extend the life of your pipes.

Limited To Only Using Stick Electrode Hardfacing? JADCO Has You Covered Here Too

If your location or welding equipment limitations prevent you from using hardfacing wire, FUSION ™ 600-E is the electrode version; which also welds out of position.

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