Penn State Behrend Arrives at JADCO

JADCO Manufacturing is known globally for our proven protection for impact and abrasion challenges in various industries. Last week JADCO undertook a new challenge, hosting college students! Weeks prior, a senior at Penn State University, Behrend location, contacted JADCO requesting a tour of the facility for a few of the students in the Mechanical Engineering department. The students were tasked to visit “local” manufacturers to understand more about them throughout their school year. Their incentive? Extra credit for each manufacturer they visited.

temp-post-imageProject Manager, Doug Covert, taking a group of student through our fabrication section.

JADCO was happy to help them. Last Monday, JADCO’s management staff gave tours to 50 seniors through our facilities. Students were able to see JADCO products in process, along with the opportunity to see different areas of fabrication in motion. The tours were not only educational, but they gave the students practical application understanding.

temp-post-imageJADCO's Operation Manager, Jayson Covert, explaining what the students will be seeing.

“These students are the future of so many industries that we work with. We want them to be able to identify wear challenges and understand the solutions that are available to them,” stated Sam Anderson, President of JADCO Manufacturing.

Beyond the tours, the students also received an introduction to JADCO and its history, general safety requirements, and a wrap-up to follow on any questions after the tours.

temp-post-imagePresident, Sam Anderson, wrapping up the tour with questions.

“There was a lot of life and energy in these kids,” observed Scott Rife, Vice President. “It was a pleasure to listen to their questions and see how much they knew at this stage of the game.”

JADCO enjoyed introducing the seniors from Penn State University, Behrend, to the world of wear challenges. We look forward to the opportunity to host them, or another school, again in the future.

JADCO Manufacturing is an ISO-certified provider of premium wear products to combat even the most severe impact and abrasion challenges. In addition, our world-class Fabrication Services deliver innovative, superior matter how custom, complex, or demanding your requirement. Our CHROMEWELD, chromium-carbide overlay plate (offered in multiple chemistries), stands up to the toughest abrasion wear conditions; our QT-PLUS® wear steel outlasts commodity AR wear steel 3-5 times. Visit our website at to learn more.