Quick Ship Incline Floor Wear Packages A Hit With Asphalt Plants

Today starts the 2022 World of Asphalt Show in Nashville, TN; running from March 29 – 31, 2022.

This is the perfect time to review the advantages of working with JADCO to improve your wear performance.


Chromeweld 600 incline floor liners are ready to extend your equipment wear life.

JADCO’s Incline Floor Quick Ship packages have been a hit with asphalt producers since introducing them in 2020.


These plates are in stock, for all popular incline floor widths. ready to ship to your location.

The majority of the incline wear occurs at the bottom 3 feet in the loading area. You can see the plate joint between the lower two cross pipes in the photo below. JADCO makes this loading area easily replaceable, so your following change out is less expensive with little production downtime.


Installing JADCO Chromeweld 600 plates for your incline in one day, reduces your plant downtime.

As the wear plate leader in the asphalt industry, we know the correct products to use in asphalt plant applications to deliver longer life.

We also understand you need to know why JADCO Chromeweld products are a better choice for your equipment.

To save you some time, here are:

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Questions For Asphalt Plant Operators

For Incline Floors Other Vendors Recommend Installing Their Clad Plate With The Weld Beads Perpendicular to the Material Flow. The Above Photo Shows Vertical Weld Beads. What Is The Reason For This Difference?

We have designed and manufacture our own automated clad welding machines. This was necessary to achieve the exacting controls we required to create the finest CCO products available to the asphalt industry.

This level of manufacturing precision is the only way to perfect our weld bead size and spacing, for the ideal weld bead-to-bead tie in.


JADCO manufactures our Chromeweld family of Chrome Carbide Overlay plates at our headquarters just north of Pittsburg, PA.


People recommend installing their plate with the beads perpendicular to the material flow, know their bead-to-bead tie in is not as accurate. They end up with gaps between the weld beads.

In production, fine materials quickly turn these tiny gaps into valleys, wearing out the plate between the bead edges. This results in destroying the mild steel base plate from below. Then it ruins your equipment structure costing thousands in lost production and repairs.


Bead to bead gaps from this botched weld bead tie in effort from a competitor, will wear out in weeks. Is this what you want for your equipment?

Wearing away the mild steel base plate means no support, allowing the clad wear surface to fall out causing premature failure and breakdown. Their plates cannot deliver the same performance results as JADCO Chromeweld products.

Requiring perpendicular weld beads in this manner, means less effective plate usage. This makes their material more expensive per square foot, due to less usable material per plate. And you foot that bill.

Why Use Chromeweld 600 Chrome Carbide Overlay or CCO Plate?

When you buy CCO plate from steel distributors or vendors who only resell, you can never tell what material you will receive at any given time. Their goal is to buy low and sell high.

Making our own plate in house, GUARANTEES you will receive the same clad plate you depend upon for longer life, each and every time.

Incline Wear Plates Must Be Flat And Smooth, So There Are No Equipment Hang Ups.

After trimming the plates to size, every JADCO plate is rolled in multiple directions to assure your plates are flat; without variations in plate thickness.


Notice a competitor’s plates with inconsistent weld bead height in this stack of plates. The shadows show these plates cannot lay flat, with a significant difference from one plate to the next. This shipment was rejected by a major Midwest asphalt contractor as not acceptable for use in their equipment.


As you can easily tell, JADCO Chromeweld 600 plates are flat with equal bead heights on every plate. Consistent size, shape and performance deliver your highest Return On Investment for asphalt equipment replacement parts.

While most CCO plate distributors have only one type of clad plate they sell, our Chromeweld family of Chrome Carbide Overlay plates feature 6 different options to choose from.

Rather than use their 'One CCO Plate Fits Every Need' method, this allows you to select the correct product to get your specific wear applications under control.

As the largest manufacturer of Chrome Carbide Overlay plate in the USA, we use an incredible amount of welding wire. In fact we use so much, our wire supplier/manufacturer built a dedicated manufacturing plant a few miles from our shop to produce wire just for JADCO, assuring we never run out of wire.

This partnership allows us the luxury of creating custom wire runs to test specific alloy blends in the wire. This allows us to create specific wear properties requested our loyal customers.

Only when a custom alloy blend has proven superior in real world applications do we add it to our standard Chromeweld family of products.

What About Using NiHard Cast White Iron Strips On The Incline?

Some companies recommend using ¾” x 18” NiHard strips retained by countersunk bolts, because they don’t make their own CCO plate. They never talk about how it requires you to spend 3 to 4 days shut down for the installation.

The NiHard Plate Is Thicker; Will It Last Longer?

While the white iron ¾” NiHard strips are cast as a solid bar, they will point out our CCO plates have 3/8” of Chrome Carbide Overlay welded onto a 3/8” mild steel base plate; while their strips are hard all the way through.

What they fail to mention is when their NiHard strips wear down to 3/8”, the retaining bolt head is worn away. This causes the wear bar to come off causing damage all the way throughout your system. Do you really want to create more downtime for yourself?

Chromeweld 600 plate remains working in place, far outperforming the Ni-Hard. This avoids having an emergency breakdown to oversee at the worst possible time, while you are trying to produce every ton possible before the end your season.

How can I tell when my incline wear plate needs to be replaced?

Having the highest Chrome content in the industry, in use Chromeweld 600 polishes up like a wedding ring. The weld beads act like a built in wear monitor. At just a glance, it lets you see it is doing the job. When the plates are no longer shiny and appear dull, you know it is time to replace the plates.

What Kind Of Life Should We Expect With Chromeweld 600?

You can easily expect one million tons production and the individual weld beads are still visible. This shows you it has experienced very little wear. With plenty more life left, they will easily exceed one million tons of production.

Which Thickness Plate Do You Recommend For My Plant?

JADCO recommends using our 3/8 on 3/8 (3/4” overall thickness) Chromeweld 600 for asphalt plants producing over 400 tons per hour. Using 3/8 on 3/8 means 3/8” thick Chrome Carbide Overlay has been welded onto a 3/8” mild steel base plate. This results in a ¾” overall plate thickness.
For plants producing less than 400 tons per hour, we recommend using ¼ on ¼ (½” overall thickness) Chromeweld 600.


Some of our Chromeweld 600 incline plates in stock ready to ship. If you didn't get everything completed during repair season, don't worry. Order yours today before you get too far into the production season rush.

This Sounds Good, But What About The Price?
Our customers reported their Chromeweld 600 plates are ¼ to 1/3 the price compared to an OEM NiHard plate package.

Let’s Recap Your Benefits On The Incline Floor Quick Ship Program:

• No long lead times, in stock ready for immediate shipment
• Easier to install
• Substantially lower price
• Long life

What About My Other Asphalt Plant Wear Challenges?

JADCO is ready to deliver longer life in several areas, so you get more production from your investment.

Combustion Flights – After time, the combustion flights creep or warp from the constant heat & cooling cycles. Plants using a lower grade of fuel always see accelerated combustion flight wear.


JADCO’s Duracorr Burner Flights will not warp, efficiently increasing your productivity from these heat cycles for longer life.


Cold Bin Liners – Use ¼” QT Plus ® to line the lower half of your five storage bins as the top half of the bins see little wear.

Drum Drive Sprockets – Drive and Drum for Aztek & CMI

Incline Drive Sprocket Assemblies – Split sprockets are available in 2 or 3 piece units for the incline chain for ease of installation.

Loader Bucket Liners


JADCO loader bucket liners are individually measured to fit without your typical struggle wrestling it into place. Be certain to preheat QT-Plus ® before welding. You can see the moisture as the darkness on the side plate just past the flame.

Here are more aggregate applications from our 2020 ConExpo blog post from Las Vegas.

Chutes and Transfer Points – Chromeweld 600 will give a dramatic improvement in life for your material handling chutes.

Chromeweld Ti is recommended for heavy impact target plate locations.

Plant discharge chutes lined with Chromeweld 600 plates deliver more than 6 times more life than AR400.

Fan Rebuilds – Chromeweld Nb Plus is the go-to choice for several well-known ID fan manufacturers due to the longevity of Niobium Carbide in difficult wear applications.

If you require extreme wear resistance, our Flexwear tungsten carbide material applied to fan blades provides the ultimate in ID fan abrasion resistance.

THE ULTIMATE TUNGSTEN CARBIDE WEAR PROTECTION blog post provides more information to see if you need this level of wear protection.


Flexwear TM applied to these fan blades with a protective hardfacing bead protecting the leading edges of the Flexwear TM material. Dramatically reduce your downtime due to wear resistant steels that fail at the worst possible time.

For the past 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

Now you can understand why we deliver better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on your results.

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We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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