Reduce Bucket Wear with Steel Wear Blocks

Excavator, shovel and loader buckets are subjected to some of the most demanding levels of abrasion and corrosion due to their heavy usage and rough work environments.

When faced with the constant grind of the excavation process, it is not uncommon for components of the bucket to wear away. Structural damage to core components of the bucket can impair the efficiency of the application and put your operation in jeopardy.

This harsh reality makes maintaining high performance a difficult and challenging task. Unscheduled repairs can compromise efficiency — and the cost of completely replacing a new bucket can be astronomical.

Steel wear blocks provide a simple solution that can protect your equipment and keep you running at maximum capacity. In addition to protecting one of your most valuable assets, wear blocks provide you with the financial peace of mind that your next repair will not break the bank. Here are some key benefits that the addition of wear blocks to your buckets can immediately provide your company.

Increase Uptime

The first benefit of steel wear blocks is the way they increase uptime. By creating a sacrificial barrier between the forces of wear and abrasion and the bucket, steel wear blocks will bear the damage, allowing your bucket to continue functioning at its highest level. This leads to longer uptimes and more time in-between repairs.

Straight forward Repairs

Another added benefit of steel wear blocks is that it simplifies the repair process. Instead of the time-consuming process of determining how to repair a critical component of your equipment, damage sustained by steel wear blocks can be handled by removing the block and welding on a new one. This no hassle solution is quicker and easier to perform than other bucket repairs. By utilizing steel wear blocks you can greatly improve your speed of repair.

Extended Maintenance Cycles

The first two benefits both play a role in forming another benefit, which is creating longer maintenance cycles between needed repairs. By increasing the level of protection your equipment receives you actively invest in prolonging its life cycle.

Shielded from the worst impact of wear and abrasion, your buckets will enjoy enhanced durability and produce at increased efficiency. Fewer repairs mean fewer breaks in production and fewer costly interruptions. This will have a direct impact on the productivity of your operation and ease your anxiety about times when you do need to make repairs.

Steel wear blocks provide a great answer to the question of bucket wear protection. Comprised of steel with a harder material than standard AR wear blocks, our steel wear blocks have a detailed microstructure that is certain to combat the most demanding levels of wear and abrasion.

Our steel wear blocks will increase uptime, simplify your repair process, and create longer maintenance cycles between necessary repairs. Contact us today to hear more about how our steel wear blocks can help prevent bucket wear.