SME 2019 Conference & Show

See JADCO Manufacturing Inc., in booth number 2015. Turn right when you enter the Expo Hall. We are located in the 4th row from the right, 7th booth on your right.

JADCO Understands Mining Engineers

We recognize mining engineers want to see all the data. You need to compare everything. The benefits in each type of steel, far beyond the size, length, thickness, etc. When you get insecure about a decision, you know to go back and review all the features and benefits. Test data doesn’t lie; unlike the many of the self-serving people you have to deal with on a daily basis.

“Getting results doesn’t take time. It is NOT getting results that take up all your time.” – Dan Sullivan

Installing wear plate that lasts, doesn’t take more of your valuable time. That defines working smarter, not harder. When your underperforming wear plate fails, everything screeches to a stop to change it out. This devours any spare time you thought you had in your day.

Who Can You Trust?

You graduated with an engineering degree and likely learned more in the first 60 days hands on in the mining industry; than you did in your 4+ years of college. You discover what looked good on paper, may not deliver in real world applications.

Regardless of your individual task, other people in the process depend on your recommendations.

Have You Been Sabotaged In The Past?

It is likely you have been previously sabotaged by others who are only care about their own greedy self-interests. They don’t care about your reputation or your results. The only thing they focused on was they made a sale. You have likely experienced it all before and one after another, they have failed you.

When you are given incorrect or misleading information by people who do not know better; how can you possibly hope to make the correct determination on what is best for your application? Who can you believe? To succeed, you need to partner with people you trust who have your best interests at heart.

At JADCO, we provide you with the essential test data to select the correct wear resistant steel in your mining and processing operations.

You can’t radically change the process to engineer away your problems, without a dramatic capital investment. Using higher quality wear resistant steel your equipment lasts longer, so you don’t have to struggle with the time and expense of changing the entire process.

To understand what data is crucial to evaluate, let us show you what to look for. Only then you can select the correct material for the longest life at your lowest cost per month.

There are several essential elements involved in creating a longer lasting, wear resistant steel. The proper balance of alloying elements is critical.

The Key to Resolving Your Wear Steel Challenges.

We understand your process, are on your side and will be able to help wrestle your most challenging application under your control.

Unlike some steel vendors who attempt to deceive, we will hand you the key to getting your processes locked down and equipment moving again. You don’t want tricks. You want the keys to open the correct doors, where we will open it up and see what the problem is, analyze the issue and solve it.

Perhaps it will be solved by installing a quality product, so that part of the process is locked down. Perhaps it will be accomplished by re-engineering the problem away. By addressing the issue early in the system, we will eliminate the compounding effect downstream.

Important Data To Evaluate

While any sales clerk can tell you the hardness, it is important to assess what they are not telling you. Here is a list of additional important tests to look for in Quench & Tempered steels. This will help you select the correct steel, before you ever write a purchase order:
• Charpy Impact Test – this lets you know how impact resistant your steel is, listed in foot pounds. Here is a video showing the Charpy test: Charpy Impact Test
• G-65 Test – ASTM standard for comparing abrasion resistance of any product. Here is a video showing the G65 test: G65 Test
• Jominy Test – a test seldom talked about in Quench & Tempered steel. These test results tell you if the steel is indeed through hardened or just claims to be. Here is a 2 minute video that shows this test: Jominy Test
• Hydrogen Content – You have heard 7018 welding rods called ‘Low Hydrogen’. Hydrogen in steel, even in seemingly insignificant amounts, can cause your wear plate to crack in application.

We look forward to seeing you at JADCO Manufacturing’s booth; number 2015. Turn right when you enter the Expo Hall. We are located in the 4th row from the right, 7th booth on your right.

Unable to attend SME this year? Email or call JADCO today and schedule a visit with your local JADCO sales rep to get your most challenging wear applications under control today. Thank you for sharing this post with your coworkers.


We have representatives standing by to speak with you at Booth #2015 at the SME Annual Conference in Denver, CO.