Steel Cutting Edges: Maximize Uptime with QT Plus


If you are not making money you are losing money. It’s a fact in business, and this principle demonstrates the challenge every maintenance manager faces when it comes to increasing uptime.

Every minute an application runs without breaking down increases the productivity of the operation. Even small improvements in uptime can have a large impact on a company’s bottom line.

Increase Durability

To maximize their equipment’s lifespan and ability, more and more managers are turning to application specific wear steel products. These products increase durability and provide an added measure of protection against harmful effects of impact and abrasion. QT-PLUS is a superior wear steel that can dramatically improve your uptime.

QT-PLUS steel cutting edges have the capability to improve your uptime by up to ten times over mild steel cutting edges. In addition to being a stronger option than traditional cutting edges, QT-PLUS cutting edges provide an advantage over competing steel cutting edges in a variety of ways.

QT-PLUS is designed by combining a specific innovative chemistry with a proprietary thermal heat-treating process. This trademark blend of science and technology has created a set of cutting edges that bring the highest level of dependable protection to your work site.

Making the Switch

After switching to QT-PLUS cutting steel edges, you will have the hardest and toughest steel edges the industry has to offer.

QT-PLUS steel cutting edges are an efficient and long lasting solution that will prevent breakage even under the most demanding conditions. QT-PLUS is an exceedingly tough alloy that has higher nickel content than other competitors to maximize toughness.

QT-PLUS also benefits from its chemical composition which provides it with the ability to retain its high level of hardness throughout the entirety of the cutting edge.

Uniform Characteristics

Unlike other steel products that are created with inconsistent heating procedures, every single QT-PLUS steel cutting edge is guaranteed to have uniform characteristics.

Through commitment and attention to detail, JADCO is able to deliver a superior product that does not experience the soft spots that often develop in other cutting edges and end up hindering performance.

Process Focused

By focusing on the process, QT-PLUS steel cutting edges can stand on the strength that they are produced under the strictest quality standards. When you receive a QT-PLUS product, you can rest assured that you will not experience any warping or waviness that can complicate the installation process.

These qualities combined with its impressive ductility make QT-PLUS a long-term option that will outperform mild steel cutting edges.

Greater Toughness

Wear resistant materials are purchased with the purpose of maximizing uptime in mind. QT-PLUS steel cutting edges are skillfully designed and meticulously manufactured to ensure that you receive the highest quality product available.

Equipped with greater toughness and hardness than its competitors, QT-PLUS steel cutting edges can increase your product’s uptime by up to ten times over conventional steel cutting edges.