The Longest Lasting CCO Proven For High Stress Abrasion

One of the largest trenching contractors in the USA grinds though solid rock for cable and utility companies. They submit their equipment to more abuse in a day than most people see in a year.


This trenching machine looks like a possessed alien chain saw from a Transformers movie. As the carbide teeth claw their way through solid rock up to 45’ deep, the edges of the 1.5” to 2.0” thick steel plates endure constant grinding on the rock side walls. This causes the operators to spend countless hours every week hardfacing the plate edges. This extreme wear forces them to continue this process week after week.

What Worked The Best?

Each week they would hardface weld the edges of the wear pads to keep them the proper size. They tried every type of wear plate, CCO, hardfacing rods to cast tungsten carbide blocks. The best wear performance and value came from JADCO Chromeweld 600.

Using Chromeweld 600 clad plate they only replaced it twice while trenching 380,000 feet over 8 months.

This is over 70 miles and saved them over 280+ hours un-necessary labor. After testing every product available, they finally found Chromeweld 600 is the product that worked the best.

Here is why Chromeweld 600 is also the best choice for your toughest abrasion applications:

Most Cost Effective

Hardfacing by hand with 0.045” or even 0.062” diameter wire, simply takes lots of time. Our custom designed overlay welding machine to make Chromeweld 600, applies heavy wire with multiple welding heads in a single pass. It allows you to install the maximum protection for your equipment.

Fastest Application Time

With the Chromeweld 600 Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) already applied onto a mild base plate, you can cover more surface area in less time than every other method. Chromeweld 600 is easy to install using standard welding rods, joining the mild steel backing plate to the steel components on your equipment. You can also install it with countersunk bolt holes or studs welded to the back of the base plate.

More Consistent Overlay Than Hand Applied Method

Hand applied hardfacing is inconsistent at best, particularly when the welder is required to do so hour after hour. Having machine applied large diameter welding wire produces less total heat than smaller wires making more passes. One key to longer consistent wear life is having the same amount of overlay in all areas. Human nature has anyone skimping when we get tired, meaning less hardfacing is applied. This means there is less protection, leading to premature failure.

Built In Wear Monitoring

If you can still see the weld pattern in your Chromeweld 600, less than 1/16” of the CCO has been worn away. Just a glance shows you how much wear resistant Chromium Carbide remains. After many years of wear protection, when the bright shiny overlay shows dull gray spots, you now see the mild steel and it is time to replace the plate.
Because the wear is progressive and predictable, this makes it very easy to plan your replacement vs. having unplanned break downs, at the worst possible time.

Don’t Be Fooled By False Claims From Other Vendors

While some manufacturers promote ultra-wide bead CCO as having better protection, their twin wire technique to make the wide beads comes at a cost to your protection. The excessive heat caused from twin arcs so close to each other, causes greater base metal dilution. This means less hardness and a lower carbide percentage. This is not the material you need when trying to combat severe abrasion applications.

Another example to watch for are wear plates with excessive cracking.


This photo shows a sample from a popular CCO competitor who often claims having more stress relief cracks in their overlay, indicates a greater percentage of carbides. This is simply not true. They manufacture their plate in the flat position, with the intense heat results in a wavy plate that ends up looking like a potato chip. When they flatten the plate, this opens up the large cracks you see here. And it allows fine abrasive materials below the overlay causing rapid wear of the mild steel base plate.

Our entire Chromeweld family of CCO products is only made at our headquarters in Harmony, PA, 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh.

As the leading manufacturer of CCO plate in the USA, you can depend on the wear resistance you get from JADCO.

Many steel distributors buy foreign produced CCO with little carbide content and even less quality control.


To make certain we control every aspect our Chromeweld overlay plate, JADCO has created our own CCO machines.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.
Now you understand why JADCO delivers better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on your results.

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