The Ultimate Tungsten Carbide Wear Protection

JADCO FLEXWEAR™ is created by suspending fine tungsten carbide particles in a powdered nickel matrix.


‘W’ is the atomic symbol for Tungsten, the hardest natural material after diamonds. Wc stands for Tungsten Carbide.

Hand applying chrome carbide hardsurface products are difficult to control and require substantial labor.

Comparing the same 0.060” (1/16”) thickness of standard Chrome Carbide hardfacing, FLEXWEAR™ can provide up to 8 to 10 times longer life.

FLEXWEAR™ is without question the best option for battling fine particle abrasion.


By rolling this powder into a cloth like material, it can be applied onto complex geometries.


Cement Mixer Nozzles are exposed to constant abrasion. Coated with FLEXWEAR™ they will last significantly longer than the OEM parts. What do you want to last longer?

FLEXWEAR ™ is the ideal choice for difficult wear applications such as Pin Mixers, due to the ability to conform to various shapes.


FLEXWEAR TM applied to Pin Mixers ready to be heated to 2,000° F to apply the Nickel Braze.


The end of the pins in the mixers see the greatest abrasion wear. To defeat this, the above photo shows where a double thickness or 0.120” of FLEXWEAR TM was applied to control wear in this challenging area.


ID Fan Blades are subject to continuous small particle abrasion. FLEXWEAR ™ has proven to be an excellent option for increasing equipment life in this demanding application for most of the major OEM fan manufacturers for the past 3 years.

Why should you use FLEXWEAR ™ in your most challenging applications?

• 70 Rc Hardness – higher than nearly all other hardfacing products
• The ability to conform to various shapes
• Higher temperature resistance – than 304 stainless steel

The average resulting hardness for FLEXWEAR ™ is 70 HRC with the strongest bond >70,000 psi.


This lightweight wear protection has a standard thickness range of just .030” - .060”

FLEXWEAR™ is ideal for complex structures and will combat abrasion, corrosion and erosion challenges. Now you can even protect screens and small perforated plates.

FLEXWEAR™ Applications include:

• Food Processing
• Pulp and Paper
• Wood Processing
• Agriculture
• Petrochemical
• Coal Fired Power Plants

When you have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customer for the last 40 years; you understand why JADCO’s commitment to deliver greater performance in your applications than what you have been using previously.

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