Three Advantages of Custom Designed Wear Blocks


Many managers understand the value wear blocks or choky blocks provide and the advantage they can gain by outfitting their equipment with them.

Wear steel blocks provide an irreplaceable level of protection for a wide selection of applications. Specifically designed to handle the most rigorous conditions the industry has to offer, wear blocks absorb the worst impact of wear and abrasion protecting the structural integrity of your equipment’s key components.

For most applications, a standard wear block is more than capable of handling the situation and can be outfitted to your operation quickly because it is in stock. There are, however, nuances to every operation and sometimes the standard wear block is simply not up for the task. If you’re looking for a solution that provides the same level of protection but is tailor-made for your unique application, then a custom wear block could supply you with the perfect answer.

Custom wear blocks give you more control over the design and ability the block provides your application. With a custom designed wear block you can be completely comfortable with the knowledge that you have a solution that is precisely machined to help your equipment perform at maximum efficiency. Here are three advantages custom designed wear blocks hold over their standard counterparts.

Design Flexibility

With your guidance, JADCO can create the ideal custom shape to ensure better protection for certain areas of your equipment that are especially susceptible to the corroding forces of wear and abrasion. With the collaboration of our technical staff, you have greater creative design to construct a solution that will fit the needs of your exact situation.

Optimized cost and uptime

Another benefit of custom wear blocks comes in the form of optimized cost and uptime. Because custom designed wear blocks are strategically designed with the intention of covering specific areas or components, our technical team can install blocks with optimal positioning. By carefully placing the custom wear blocks, the overall cost of wear protection will be reduced and uptime will increase.

Maintenance friendly

Custom designed wear blocks also provide a distinct advantage when it comes to maintenance. Part of the custom design process is to create blocks that facilitate quick change-outs and replacement in crucial areas. The ability to change out wear blocks instead of full sheets of plate is a major convenience and will earn you the appreciation of your maintenance managers. The ease of maintenance is a key benefit of custom wear blocks.

JADCO understands the additional anxiety that accompanies making the decision to order a custom piece. To help combat that feeling of anxiety, JADCO meticulously examines every finished good and tests it to the highest standard to make sure that everything meets the required specifications. When you receive your custom designed wear block, you have the JADCO promise that it is the exact solution you asked for. If you think a standard wear block is not up to the task, call JADCO today and ask about our custom wear block abilities.