Three Technical Advantages of HARDGUARD Wear Blocks


Wear steel blocks provide unparalleled protection for a wide range of applications. The JADCO HARDGUARD line of wear blocks is the premium chrome moly, white iron wear block on the market and is the best equipped product on the market to combat the harshest, most abrasive operating conditions the industry has to offer.

Each HARDGUARD wear block is carefully crafted and tested to guarantee it meets the strictest levels of dispersed microstructure and consistency. In addition to being suited to address a wide array of applications, JADCO HARDGUARD wear steel blocks are easily customizable. With your guidance we can custom-design a unique solution to perfectly address your application. In addition, if you are looking for a standard size, we carry a large stock for shipping on short notice.

We set the standard for quality assurance and the wear block are thoroughly tested and regularly examined to ensure maximum performance and durability.

If those qualities haven’t sold you yet, here are three technical advantages HARDGUARD wear blocks provide over other wear blocks.

Increased Equipment Availability

Investing in HARDGUARD wear blocks is making a wise decision to invest in the day-to-day efficiency of your equipment. These wear blocks can be easily customized to meet your exact needs and the process of welding them onto your equipment is quick and simple. The speed afforded by this repair process is reflected in the efficiency of your equipment. Less down time equates directly to higher profitability.

Longer Maintenance Cycles

Do not be fooled by the speed of repair. HARDGUARD Wear blocks offer strong protection and can be relied upon to greatly increase the time between maintenance cycles. HARDGUARD Wear blocks are sacrificial in nature, protecting your core components by absorbing the brunt of harsh wear and abrasion. By preserving the core equipment, there is a longer time lapse between necessary repairs and those repairs can once again be made quickly and directly through a simple maintenance process to the wear block itself. Wear blocks are long lasting, demonstrating impressive durability in even the most challenging conditions. By switching to HARDGUARD steel wear blocks you will see direct improvement in the amount of time between necessary reparations.

Superior Hardness

Hardness is the first line of defense against abrasion. This makes hardness a crucial aspect of any wear block material. Our HARDGUARD wear blocks start at a minimum alloy hardness of 63 HRC. This level of hardness is superior to standard abrasion-resistant blocks and allows our products to supply maximum abrasion protection.

HARDGUARD products come available in wide variety of forms, but they all come with the same promise of expert craftsmanship. Your HARDGUARD wear blocks will be equipped with a superior hardness that increases your equipment availability, perpetuate longer maintenance cycles, and protects your capital investments. Whether your situation calls for a standard application or a custom-design, we have the solution you need.

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