Top 10 Wear Resistant Steel Blog Posts From 2019

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Here are your Top 10 Wear Resistant Steel Blog Posts From 2019:

1 – Do You Know If You Have A Wear Plate Problem?

When talking to a large aggregate producer, he said they did not have many wear plate problems. This came as a surprise to me, since two other competitors within 5 miles of his location were constantly replacing trashed wear resistant steel in less than a year. Since they all work with the same type of rock, I was certain he had problems, but they didn’t recognize it as a problem.
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2 – The difference in wear plate value

Everyone can remember a time where you bought something and quickly realized you didn’t get the results you thought you would receive. And you desperately wish you had the opportunity for a ‘do-over’. The bottom line is you didn’t get the results you had hoped for, from the money you spent.
By spending smarter, make certain you do receive the benefits from your investment.
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3 – Comparing AR400 to QT Plus

AR400 type wear resistant steel leads most people to believe the steel they buy is 400 (Brinell) BHN hardness, just by hearing the name. The same goes for AR200, AR300, AR450, AR500 or AR600. Doesn’t the name tell us the hardness?
Because there are ZERO industry standards or guidelines, any plate could be any hardness at all. Some foreign made abrasion resistant steel wear plate was sold as AR400; yet the hardness tested only at 302 BHN! Do you think the customer received the performance they expected? Absolutely not.
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4 – Are You Ruining Your Wear Plate?

What Not To Do To Impact and Abrasion Resistant Steel. Despite your good intentions, you can transform quality wear plate into low cost mild steel, without understanding you made a mistake. There are times when trying to save a little money results by you destroying thousands of dollars of your own equipment and lost production time you will never recover. Click here to read the article.
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5 – Difference in Price vs Value

Most people buying AR400 or AR500 wear plate know how big of a piece they need. Looking at the most basic comparison, they consider the price per pound. Some are more expensive, others are less. To determine the actual value of the plate, you need to divide the cost of the material by the expected usable lifetime. The labor to remove and reinstall the steel will be the same regardless of the manufacturer of the steel.
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6 – How To Measure Your Abrasion Resistant Steel So It Fits

Have You Ever Received Wear Plate That Did Not Fit? We have all heard a carpenter’s golden rule is “Measure Twice, Cut Once.” Once you cut wear plate or wood, you are committed. If you cut it too short you get to buy more material.
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7 – How To Drill And Tap Wear Resistant Steel Like QT Plus ®

Often our customer’s questions make us pause and realize many people may have the same question. This is a perfect reason to receive our weekly Blog Posts, ‘Wear Plate Wednesday’.
Here is one that became today’s blog post. It was from Jody @ Earth: Can you even drill JADCO QT PLUS ® when the hardness is 500 BHN?
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8 – You Increased Your Production, What About Your Wear Resistant Steel?

Everyone is searching for ‘More, Better, Faster’ production. Yet upgrading your production wear plate is usually an after-thought. This disc screen handles the bark in a WI papermill that has increased production from 2,500 tons per day to 3,300 tons per day. The increased wear on their wood process disc screen shows how abrasive bark and wood are to wear resistant steel.
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9 – Select Your Wear Plate Like A Hunter

Hunters are Choosy with Their Equipment. Hunters often spend months researching new hunting equipment before selecting the one single item perfect for their individual needs. Upgrading to a new rifle, shotgun, scope, clothing, etc. is carefully planned to get the most from their investment. This research makes perfect sense as they will use this item for many years to come. They read magazine reviews, search online and discuss the benefits of each model with other hunting friends they respect.
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10 – Bucket Liner Or Replacement Bottom?

This CAT 349E excavator bucket shows extreme wear areas after less than 8 months in service. These waves in the bucket floor are because their steel is not the same hardness all the way through.
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