Top 10 Wear Resistant Steel Blog Posts From 2020

Thank you all for the positive feedback on our wear resistant steel blog posts in 2020.

We are pleased you have found them beneficial. Your questions and comments regarding abrasion resistant steel wear plate and wear steel applications show we have a dedicated and loyal online following.

We reviewed our 2020 posts and the following 10 were the most watched. If you are searching for longer life in your wear resistant steel applications, JADCO will provide you with the correct products for your application.

Perhaps due to the timing of the Con/Agg – ConExpo held March 2020 in Las Vegas just before the pandemic hit the US hard; but many of these posts cover the equipment used in the asphalt, rock crushing and mining industries.

Here Are The Top Ten Blog Posts From 2020, Based On Your Website Visits:

Number1 – Easily Protect Your Road Milling Equipment From Excessive Wear – June 10, 2020


New road milling drums are expensive to purchase and maintain. Most companies focus on bit life, and ignore a simple step to prevent excessive wear on the pocket standoffs.

Protecting the tool bit holders or pockets, is the first step in preventative maintenance and up keep on your milling drums.

Number 2 – ConExpo Rock Crushing Equipment - March 11, 2020


CRUSHER GUARD provides manganese castings for crusher applications. This industry first allows the manganese components to work-harden from the start, resolving the “start-up” wear issues. A protective barrier against the material gives the bowl and mantle components time to work harden to their full potential.

Most people don't realize MOST OF THE WEAR HAPPENS IN THE FIRST DAY. This overlay barrier helps to extend wear life two to three times over an unprotected component. Not only does that lead to less downtime for change outs, but it also decreases the additional inventory needed.

Number 3 – Asphalt Plant Floor Wear Quick Ship Packages - September 30, 2020


JADCO has incline floor wear packages in stock for quick shipment.

Number 4 – ConExpo Trade Show Featuring Loaders - March 10, 2020


This replacement loader bucket bottom has been used every day since 2005 during construction season in Wisconsin. The QT Plus ® through hardened steel in their buckets are ready for another year.

Does your wear resistant steel match up to the performance of JADCO QT Plus ®? Isn’t it time you discovered the difference for yourself?

Number 5 – ConExpo Mobile Asphalt Equipment - March 13, 2020


Chromeweld 600 is used in the MTV floor plate liner. One of the highest wear areas on asphalt mobile equipment.

Number 6 – HardGuard Applications - March 25, 2020


Using JADCO HardGuard blocks is a fast, easy and inexpensive way to provide real wear protection for your bucket sides as well as most high wear areas.

Number 7 – Evaluating Wear Resistant Steel Price Differences – January 15, 2020


One lasts longer by giving you more to at the beginning. We also know which one is less expensive.

Although you can’t tell the longest lasting through hardened wear plate with just a glance, this article tells you how to evaluate manufacturer's online published information.

Number 8 – Loader Bucket Bottom Installation – March 18, 2020


Setting the CAT 336 bucket onto the new QT Plus ® bottom. Notice how the replacement bottom fits perfectly onto the sides? If your bucket doesn’t fit this well, you need to have JADCO form QT Plus ® your next wear resistant bucket bottom.

Number 9 – What is the Best Wear Resistant Steel To Use In Woodyard Infeed Chutes – December 9, 2020


Notice The Patch Plate Located At 7 O’ Clock On The Discharge Area Of This Infeed Chute Into The Debarking Drum. This Area Receives Continuous Heavy Impact Wear.

Vibration Stresses May Cause Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate To Fail Causing The Carbides To Break Out In Chunks.

JADCO Has The Proper CCO To Take The Impact And Abrasion.

Number 10 – Asphalt Mobile Equipment - October 7, 2020


Chromeweld 600 is used for this floor plate liner. Every bit of asphalt for your road or parking long travels over this floor, making it one of the highest wear areas on asphalt mobile equipment.

Thank you for your interest in controlling your wear applications. With JADCO products, you can plan when they are to be replaced; not jump through hoops when a dramatic breakdown happens at the exact wrong time.

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JADCO was thrilled to celebrate our 40th Anniversary on August 8, 2020.

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