Top 10 Wear Resistant Steel Blog Posts from 2021

Thank you all for the positive feedback on our wear plate and wear resistant steel blog posts in 2021.

We are pleased you have found them beneficial. Your questions and comments regarding abrasion resistant steel wear plate and wear steel applications show we have a dedicated and loyal online following.

We reviewed our 2021 blog posts and the following 10 were the most popular. If you are searching for longer life in your wear resistant steel applications, JADCO will provide you with the correct products for your application.


JADCO is located in Harmony, PA; about 30 minutes North of Pittsburgh PA. Whatever your wear challenge, you can be certain JADCO can help you achieve longer equipment life. How can we help with your most frustrating wear application?

Here Are The Top Ten Wear Steel Blog Posts From 2020, Based On Your Website Visits:

#1 – 2021-12-01 A Valid Repair Can Never Be Avoided, Only Delayed

#2 - 2021-10-06 Wear Plate Supply Chain Update

#3 – 2021-09-22 Creating Your Wear Plate Action Plan

#4 – 2021-09-01 What Wear Challenge Do You Need Solved?

#5 – 2021-11-10 How To Tell When Your Chrome Carbide Plate Needs To Be Replaced

#6 – 2021-12-15 What Is The Best Wear Plate For Chain Applications?

#7 – 2021-05-05 Understanding Wear Plate Terminology

#8 - 2021-11-11 How To Tell When Your Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate Needs To Be Replaced

#9 – 2021-07-27 MINExpo International 2021 Preview

#10 – 2021-01-20 Understanding 2021 Steel Prices

Like you, our customers found the 2021 business environment to be even more incentive for getting even longer life from their wear resistant steel used in their equipment.

JADCO is the go-to-vendor for many industries to control their Wear Resistant Steel Applications including:
Concrete and Cement
Material Handling
Power Generation
Pulp and Paper
Road Milling
Sand and Gravel
Steel Mills

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