Top 5 Ways to Reduce Wear in Power Generation Environments


As energy becomes an increasingly important issue in economic, political and environmental realms, power generation finds itself as one of the most important industries in the world today.

In power generation process, the equipment used faces an extreme amount of abrasion. Regardless of the energy source, from coal all the way to Marcellus Shale drilling, the equipment withstands a rigorous amount of wear.

When equipment faces tremendous amounts of wear, it becomes more susceptible to costly breakdowns which lead to downtime and expensive repairs. In an industry as important as power generation, downtime is simply too costly.

To prevent this type of problem from occurring, extra precautionary measures are sometimes necessary. Several pieces of equipment in power generation operations can be outfitted with abrasion resistant (AR) protection to keep them running at full capacity for the longest time possible.

These measures are investments that can provide long-term improvements in effectiveness and efficiency.

Here we’ll take a look at the top five ways to reduce wear in power generation. These five tips will be sure to help you understand the true value AR protection can add to your power generation operation.

Truck bed liners

The first area that can stand to benefit from AR protection is a truck bed liner. Truck beds consistently face impact and abrasion during the loading/offloading and transfer of material.

Carefully managing loads that are consistent is necessary for trucks to operate at optimal levels of productivity. This creates a careful balance when considering what type of protection to put on a truck bed liner.

The idea is to maximize the protection on the liner without adding too much weight to the bed of the truck. So whether that be a chromium carbide plate or a through-hardened wear steel, you want to these liners to improve the structural integrity of the equipment.

Screening Equipment

Screening equipment is another area that is easily outfitted with AR protection with no hassle. A durable solution is needed, but possibly custom openings or configurations specific to the machine you have prevents you from utilizing this product. Our services and products are perfect for mobile equipment of this kind.

With precision screening equipment you will experience better results, such as less warping, improved tonnage and longer uptimes.

Overlay Pipes

Our overlay pipes offer superior hardness and are more durable than the standard AR plates. They are ideal for material movement that might otherwise cause damaging wear, leading to holes. These pipes, with either a single or double pass, can be affixed directly on to the equipment it protects and are often welded right on sight.

In power plants, overlay pipes are most commonly found on various liners and chutes. If you have a piece of equipment that does not fit the size requirements of one of our regular fittings, we can custom design a pipe to meet your exact specifications.

Chute Liners

Chute liners face a significant amount of direct contact with the material which makes them high risk areas for wear and abrasion. The sliding action of a chute means higher forces of friction, wearing out the parts quicker.

By adding a sacrificial layer, you can improve the functionality of the chute and increase the amount of time between maintenance visits. When the sacrificial layer is exhausted, it is easier to replace that layer than repairing the chute itself, not to mention more cost effective.

Coal Storage Silo Liners

It is important to keep storage containers protected because if it faces damage it can be incredibly difficult work around. Shutting down a storage container for maintenance can result in delaying the productivity of your entire operation, ultimately costing more money and efforts for the project then planned. Equipping your silo with abrasion resistant steel can prevent disaster from striking.

In an industry that faces challenges from every direction, we are committed to equipping you with the protection necessary to limit downtime and keep your equipment up and running.

By fighting the effects of wear and abrasion in these five areas, you can experience the difference superior protection can make and face less frustration by eliminating unnecessary maintenance.