Understanding The Difference Between Effort and Results

In Steven Covey’s book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, he talks about a paradigm shift. Or getting a far different perspective than you previously experienced.

One of the examples he uses is when you first become a parent, everything in your outlook is altered forever. You now are responsible for an infant that is not able to take care of itself. It makes you think differently, and make different choices than in the past.

My biggest paradigm shift came by understanding the difference between effort and real world results.

At the time I was the sales and marketing manager for a small privately held company in a different industry. Within two years, the business grew beyond their five year goal expectations. The board of directors and upper management were pleased with the results.

The paradigm shift came about one day when the lead fabricator came up and said, “I just bought my first new pickup truck! Want to see it?” Naturally I was excited for him and we went to the parking lot to see it.

I’m telling him how nice it looks and sharing in his happiness. Then he turned and put his arm around my shoulders and said, “Yes it is nice. And if you don’t bring in enough business to keep the shop working and I get laid off, you are going to be making the payments!”

Instantly I understood the real difference between effort and results.

You can put in a good effort in anything you do. If at the end of the day your efforts do not directly translate into a profitable bottom line, your efforts were not productive.

What does this have to do with wear resistant steel?


Replacing failed wear plate with the same material you are taking out, takes the same amount of time as installing the best wear plate that can deliver 2 to 4 times longer life. This photo was taken July 2019.

Replacing the material is the effort. Helping you get longer equipment life than you have ever achieved, equals a significant improvement in your results. This delivers a greater return on your investment using better quality wear resistant steel.

You can now invest in other solutions on the hundreds of other issues demanding your attention daily.


This photo was taken in August 2019. Adding commodity AR400 strips will cost a bit less than a properly formed QT Plus replacement bottom, but they had to replace it in less than one year. Adding more strips into the bucket added to the weight and reduced the volume. Having a new bottom was the better option.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering longer, consistent life for our customers.

JADCO’s QT Plus ® delivers greater wear performance IN YOUR APPLICATIONS than the AR400 wear steel you have previously used.

Having the ability to create wear resistant steel having the same hardness through the entire thickness, requires precisely controlled chemistry and careful heat treating.

Why Doesn’t Every Steel Company Make Their Products Last As Long As JADCO QT Plus ®?

This attention to detail from the steel mill in Pennsylvania actually is available to anyone. Yet most steel wear plate distributors choose to limit the correct quantities of these essential elements for a lower price.

They are again planning to sell you more of the same underperforming plate in a few months, stealing more of your hard earned profits.

Now you understand why we deliver better results for our customers.

We know the difference between effort and results. Let’s work together and focus on improving your wear resistant steel performance results.

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