Use QT-PLUS in Your Truck Bed and Lighten Your Load

One of the greater challenges that we see in mining and quarry operations is the balance of protecting truck beds and managing the overall operating weight.

A huge factor at play is simply the amount of steel that is required to properly protect a truck bed. Typical case-hardened steel adds a lot of weight to a truck bed in an effort to reduce wear caused by impact and abrasion.

That wastes a decent amount of time and money.

By using QT-PLUS, you can ensure a better wear experience in your truck bed, all while saving money for the long haul. Here’s how:

Through-hardened plate saves weight for your payload.

Through-hardened plate like QT-PLUS brings consistent performance for the life of the wear liner, and enables maintenance managers to implement lower weight solutions. We typically work with 1/4 to 3/4 inch plate in truck beds for most applications.

When compared with case hardened steel, you will see a much higher degree of performance, a smaller profile, less downtime, and ultimately more capacity for carrying material.

The result: you can carry more material in fewer trips, which makes your team more effective in the field.

It’s easy to work with QT-PLUS.

With QT-PLUS, we wanted to make sure that it was exceptionally hard, but that it also exhibited great ductility. By adding a higher nickel content, QT-PLUS resists impact cracking and remains cold formable.With the nickel content and controlled carbon range in QT-PLUS, you’re able to form gutter plates and easily weld with low hydrogen wire.

Best of all, with JADCO you can always count on the quality of product that you will receive. We work with people like you every day to solve their greatest wear challenges. Get in touch with your JADCO representative to order QT plate or to design a custom wear package; you won’t regret it.

Ready to lighten your load with QT-PLUS?