Use The 80–20 Principle To Create Your Business Breakthrough

When you review your wear resistant steel applications, it is understandable some wear plate steel issues are more important to your process than others.


A Perfect Example Of A Wear Plate Performance Breakthrough At A Midwest Papermill. They Ceased Using AR400 Which Failed Every 4 Years. By Using Thru-Hardened Steel, This Log Deck Ran 10 Years Before It Needed Replacing.

They Documented Over $1 Million In Actual Savings With This Simple Change. What Is Your Biggest Wear Challenge? See How JADCO's QT Plus ® Through Hardened Steel Can Create Your Own Breakthrough.

When you begin your day with 10 things on your To-Do-List, it will be more important to get the top 2 items completed, than the other 8 items combined.

Your main job is to determine which 2 items are critical to complete before starting the other 8 things.

The 80-20 Principle is otherwise known as Pareto’s Principle.

The reason the 80-20 Principle is so valuable, is it is counter intuitive.

We tend to expect all causes have roughly the same importance. An example would be how every sale, and every business and every dollar is just as valuable as every other dollar. In fact they are not equal.

It is clear in any business; a few employees are more valuable or contribute more than the majority.

The key item here is while all problems have a large number of causes; some causes account for a significantly larger percentage of failures.

By working with JADCO to help identify your key wear related challenges, you can make a dramatic difference in your performance, production levels and profits.

It is interesting when you start paying attention to this principal; you will discover it is present in in your everyday life.

The 80-20 Principle at Work:

• 80% of profits come from 20% of your products.
• 80% of sick days, are taken by 20% of the workers.
• 80% of your breakthrough results come from concentrating on the 20% of your most important wear challenges.
• 80% of consequences occur from 20% of causes.
80% of your wear plate problems are caused by 20% of your wear plate applications.
• OSHA has identified 80% of all workplace accidents occur in 20% of the hazardous processes.
• We need to maximize resources that deliver powerful results are used as much as possible. Every resource is used where it has the greatest value.

At JADCO, we focus on achieving long term results for our customers. While most other sales people strive to get a sale today, regardless of how it impacts your results.

Insert 80–20 thinking into your work life, to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors.

The real key is to not simply do a quick glance review on a whole range of issues. Focus on taking action only with the single most important issue. Here is where you will experience the greatest impact. You will see your production, performance and profits soar.

Tracking how much is spent for maintenance on specific pieces of equipment, the 80–20 Principle will quickly show where you need to invest for immediate improvement.

The best way to start making money, is to stop losing money due to underperforming equipment and components.

Real progress happens when we find a way to make your unproductive resources into highly productive resources. Identify what works fantastically well and modify the others. It is critical to abandon those items with traditionally low value.

The 80–20 Principle is still the best kept business secret.

It can be profitably applied to any industry any organization; and any individual job within the organization.

Allow JADCO to help you achieve the best wear plate performance with your equipment. We have the experience necessary in your industry to improve your results.

Working together with JADCO wear specialists, you will identify not only where you can increase profits, but can show where you are losing money.

This is the definition of a Win – Win Partnership.

Call us at (724) 452-5252, or email today. We will schedule a meeting for a day and time that best fits your schedule, with one of our local wear plate specialists.

When we review what you are doing, the materials you have tried in the past and how it worked previously; we can help you achieve real improvement results in your processes.

Together we will assist you to get better results, by helping you manage your most frustrating wear related challenges.

Call today.

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