Use Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing For Your Most Aggressive Abrasion Challenges

FUSION™ W is a flux cored hardsurfacing wire containing 50-60% cast tungsten carbide suspended in a nickel alloy matrix. Giving it a combination of toughness and wear resistance, due to the tungsten carbides evenly distributed in the very tough and hard weld metal matrix.

Unlike most other Tungsten wires, FUSION™ W has exceptional wetting characteristics. It performs best in extreme abrasion applications including corrosion challenges.


In this cross section of a FUSION™ W weld bead, where you can see how the Tungsten Carbide particles are uniformly positioned throughout the deposit. The scale length is 5mm or 5 microns. There are 24,500 microns per inch, showing how these tightly packed Tungsten Carbide particles will battle your worst abrasion applications.


Viewed from above at even higher magnification, you can see how the Tungsten Carbide particles form in random size and shape to protect the surface of your most challenging wear applications.

JADCO’s FUSION™ W, is the only product to successfully disperse the Tungsten Carbides evenly from the top surface, throughout the entire thickness of the overlay deposit. This process delivers uniform wear resistance through-out the life of your equipment.

To do this, we utilize a matrix of Nickel, Chromium, Silicon and Boron to suspend the Tungsten Carbide particles.

This results in a 50% to 60% Tungsten Carbide deposit for the greatest wear resistant hardfacing available.

Here Are Three Reasons This Is Important:

1. Most Tungsten Carbide wires melt these micro carbides in the welding arc, and they do not reform in the weld deposit. That means you are not getting the wear resistant results from the expensive Tungsten Carbide wire you may currently be using.
2. Many companies drop much larger Tungsten Carbides into the molten weld deposit. Since Tungsten is the heaviest metal, when the Tungsten Carbides are dropped into a fluid weld puddle, they drop to the bottom of the deposit. This means they settle below the surface of your base metal. What this means is the carbides aren’t even working until your current hardfacing has already worn down below the surface you are trying to protect!
3. It is critical the weld deposit matrix has a high wear resistance, or the carbides simply fall out after the matrix has worn away. This is why the uniform carbide content in the top photo is so important. The tungsten carbide protection is complete from top to bottom of the FUSION™ W weld.

What Are The Best Welding Techniques For FUSION™ W, JADCO’s Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing?

• Your welding parameters must be set lower than your typical settings for joining wire. JADCO’s recommended welding parameters for 1/16” diameter FUSION™ W are; 16 to 22 volts and 110 to 175 amps; or 75 to 130 inches per minute.
• When running, adjust wire speed and voltage for a rapid arc sound, right on the edge of short circuit and a small globular transfer. You want to hear some consistent popping as you weld.
• This is a Nickel-based wire, and as such the wire is softer than standard iron or stainless based flux cored wires. To prevent feeding issues, use smooth U-shaped drive rolls with a with a Teflon liner. For the best results, use a short whip on your wire feeder. NOTE: Using a standard steel liner will act like a file on FUSION™ W, and will cause wire feed issues.
• Set your shielding gas flow rate for 25 – 35 CFH. You can use either: 75% Argon + 25% Carbon Dioxide, OR 98% Argon + 2% Oxygen, OR 100% Argon. As 75/25 is the most popular shielding gas, it does work well with FUSION™ W.


Here are the results in a deposit using too high welding parameters. Notice how the larger particles are positioned inconsistently , with most of the larger particles falling to the bottom of the weld deposit. This delivers inconsistent wear life results.

All JADCO FUSION™ wires are layer level wound on the spools from JADCO. This prevents the feeding issues with random wound spools you have likely used in the past. Having the wire overlap with random wound spools is the real cause with most of your feed issues. This results in lost production time and increased waste of contact tips


FUSION™ W wire is similar to the wire we utilize in making our Chromeweld W, Tungsten Carbide overlay plate. On the Chromeweld W, we also add a layer of Tungsten Carbide particles on the surface, for extreme abrasion applications.

If your Chrome Carbide Overlay plate (CCO) is suffering repeated failures, JADCO can help control your most challenging wear headaches.

Our entire line of FUSION™ welding products is proudly made in the USA close to our headquarters in Harmony, PA, a few minutes North of Pittsburgh.

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

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