We Bring Simplicity To Your Wear Issues

Allow us to help bring simplicity to your complex wear resistant steel challenges; and deliver better results to reduce unplanned breakdowns.

In a prior blog post, we talked about seeing your applications through new glasses. You can easily do that by having a trained JADCO sales professional join you for an in-person Wear Resistant Steel Audit.


When you understand how to look for the specific items causing your wear issues you have struggled with for decades; it becomes relatively easy to laser focus onto the root cause of your problem.

We will start by determining the cause of your wear challenge(s).

Select all that apply for each application:
o Abrasion only
o Abrasion with some Impact
o Impact with some Abrasion
o Impact only
o Maximum application temperature _______
o Corrosion caused by __________
o Other factors __________________

We then identify and confirm the various factors contributing to your wear. Now we can focus on the root cause and control or even eliminate your wear issues.

Once we treat the CAUSE and NOT the Symptoms, your demanding wear related issues disappear like magic.

At times, it may be as simple as re-directing the angle of the incoming water flow you are currently using.


Dead bed bars take the material contact away from the wear steel to focus the impact onto the material itself. When this item is installed, the material flows from the bottom of the photo to the top. The bars are installed at an angle to trap the incoming material, which are wood fines in this application. This keeps the abrasive material off the wear plate. Using QT Plus ® for the dead bed wear bars, they will last even longer in your cyclone applications.

JADCO’s QT Plus ® delivers greater performance IN YOUR WEAR APPLICATIONS than the various AR400 steel plates you have used previously.

Being able to create wear resistant steel having the same hardness through the entire thickness of the steel, demands you accurately control the alloying chemistry with precise heat treating.

Why Doesn’t Every Steel Company Make Their Wear Plate Last As Long As JADCO QT Plus ®?

The attention to detail required at the steel mill in Pennsylvania, is available to anyone.

Yet most wear plate distributors choose to reduce the proper quantities and percentages of these essential alloying elements just to get a lower price.

They plan to sell you more of the same underperforming steel in a few months, happy to take more of your hard earned profits.

For over the last 40+ years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our customers.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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