Wear Plate – Is It A Necessary Evil?

Wear resistant steel is a necessary evil for most companies.

Part of the reason is you have to deal with it intermittently. These applications are challenging enough to be a pain in the butt at the time; but not so demanding to deal with it on a weekly basis.

This leads most people to repeat what you have done previously; or order the OEM replacement pieces. If you try something else, you usually end up with similar unremarkable results.

Here is an excellent example where JADCO developed a unique product to control our customer’s wear issue. Several loyal customers said they wanted even longer life than a standard product could provide.


Feeder floors in aggregate and mining crushing plants are very familiar with how frequently these vibratory floor plates must be changed.

The industry standard for this location is AR400. As our blog post from September 4, 2019 explains, commodity AR400 type plates can be compared to an Oreo cookie. It is hard on the outside and soft in the center of the plate.

Often these AR400 feeder floor plates must be changed several times in a season.

This application suffers substantial impact from loading rocks all day. There is also constant high stress grinding abrasion as the rocks, sand and gravel slide their way into the jaw or cone crusher.

Let us make it easy for you to get the best wear plate performance, at the most affordable price.

This way you get the best of everything:
• More production
• Longer life
• Greater profitability

But first let’s review the wear plates typically used for feeder floor plates.

Manganese doesn’t do well in this application due to the constant abrasion. There is not enough consistent impact to work harden the surface of the 230 BHN hardness Manganese, before the sliding abrasion wears it away. This results in a rapid failure and an unplanned breakdown.

Generic Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate is unable to withstand repeated impact of this application. Most steel companies list CCO for only light or moderate impact installations. Here are the results when you put it in an area with significant impact.


The loading zone impact area of the feeder typically results in the carbides breaking away from the mild steel base plate. Once this happens, you must replace it immediately.

Through hardened wear plate such as JADCO QT Plus ® can withstand tremendous impact.


With 500 BHN hardness, QT Plus ® is very good at combating sliding abrasion, and has been the industry standard for feeder floors for decades.

People are always looking for simple answers to complex problems. Typically there is not one simple answer to deal with a complex problem.

Here Is Your Easy Button For Feeder Floors

JADCO has developed Chromeweld Ti specifically for use your most challenging applications with impact and high stress grinding abrasion.


For impact with abrasion, Chromeweld Ti has the ability to take 24” rocks falling 6’ onto the load area of your deck without breaking up.

From vibratory feed decks, to crushed materials sliding across the discharge chute; every crushing operation uses chutes in various locations in their operations. You are very aware every single movement across steel wear plate causes abrasive wear.

Most other wear plate companies do not have the proper equipment to assure your countersunk bolt holes are the correct size and profile for your application.


Remember, Chrome Carbide Overlay plate cannot be cut with an oxy-fuel torch. Plasma or air-arc will remove it.

At JADCO, our 5 axis plasma table can provide countersunk bolt holes in Chromeweld Ti for your feeder floor plates. Click Here for a brief video showing this machine in action.

For the past 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

Now you understand why we deliver better results for our customers. We think differently by focusing only on your results.

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