Wear Plate Pricing and Supply Chain Update

The news recently has been filled in a near panic about how supply chain disruptions continue to limit necessary materials and drive up prices.


Add to that the blockage to off-load container ships at the US harbors and the problem is compounded.


As of September 27, 2021; more than 70 container ships are waiting up to 3 weeks at anchor off Long Beach CA harbor to get unloaded. Storing empty containers is also a major issue without enough warehouse space. Don’t forget semi-trucks cannot get loaded fast enough to remove the cargo. Together it forms a huge bottleneck.

The other half of the Supply & Demand equation is demand continues to be very high.

This means American steel producers are able to demand and receive higher prices since they are seeing less price pressure from imports. Steel price corrections aren’t coming any time soon, like the lumber market has seen recently.

Your Better News Is JADCO Has A Good Supply Of Our ‘Made In America’, Industry Leading QT-Plus ® Wear Resistant Steel Plate For Your Critical Repairs

Many different steel businesses have attempted to source an imported wear plate that would last as long, and was through hardened to compete with QT-Plus ®.

Several years ago a large manufacturer tried to get wear steel made in India, China, Brazil, Korea, etc. to serve the export market. They attempted to replicate our industry leading wear resistant steel without success. The other companies/countries are not able to control the quality of their wear plate tightly enough to compete with QT-Plus ®.

In particular they cannot replicate the heat treating process, which is critical to longevity in your most challenging equipment applications.

To review the importance of heat treatment in wear plate, check out our prior post The Great Hardness Myth.

Here Is What They Found:
• It is easy to make inexpensive mild steel like everyone else, and compete on low price
• You can make a long wearing premium wear resistant steel that costs more to produce, with a higher selling price
• You cannot create a long lasting wear plate, offer it at a low price and expect it to perform well in your applications

What Does This Mean For You?

Bottom line is you have access to the finest wear abrasion and impact resistant steel for your equipment. Yes, prices are higher; but you know you can depend on QT-Plus ® to last longer than anything else you have used previously.

The same cannot be said for what you will get for performance when the off-shore steel is finally unloaded after waiting weeks at anchor.

And don’t forget, the under-performing imported wear plate you bought last time, will also be more expensive now. Pricing is dictated by the same supply and demand circumstances.

The Arcelor Mittal steel mill in Conshohocken, PA has no equal when it comes to producing through hardened wear plate. This is the ONLY steel mill in the world to produce JADCO QT-Plus ®.

Wouldn’t you like greater performance IN YOUR WEAR APPLICATIONS than the various AR400 steel plates you have used previously?

Being able to create wear resistant steel having the same hardness throughout the entire thickness of the steel, demands you accurately control the alloying chemistry with precise heat treating.

Then Why Doesn’t Every Steel Company Make Their Wear Materials Last As Long As JADCO QT-Plus ®?

Yet most steel wear plate distributors choose to limit the proper quantities and percentages of these essential elements for the goal of a lower price.

They are planning to always sell you more of the same underperforming steel in a few months, happily stealing more of your hard earned profits.

For over the last 41 years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our customers.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

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