Wear Plate Terminology

What affects the Hardenability of steel?

What is a Charpy test?

What is Elongation?

Wear plate and steel metallurgy uses its own unique terminology, which leave most people scratching their heads wondering what foreign language they are speaking.

At JADCO, we strive to make wear resistant steel products and applications easy to understand. Today we have added a glossary resource to our website for you to see what these terms mean and why they are important. Click here for the glossary. By clicking the first letter of the topic at the top of the page, you immediately go to the section you want to find.

We do this because when you learn what goes into wear plate and why it is important, you will make the best informed decisions for your unique wear plate installations.

We know an educated customer makes intelligent decisions. Providing this glossary to assist you, reinforces that the JADCO family of products delivers the longest life at the greatest value to you.

Let us know what wear challenges you may be struggling with, that we can remove some of your stress.

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