Wear Plate Value Equation In The Real World

Most people buying AR400 or AR500 wear plate know how big of a piece they need. Looking at the most basic comparison, they wonder consider the price per pound. Some are more expensive, others are less.

To determine the actual value of the plate, you need to divide the cost of the material by the expected usable lifetime.

The labor to remove and reinstall the steel will be the same regardless of the manufacturer of the steel.

As an example, an industrial customer was wearing out their ore chute every month. It was made from one of the popular AR400 steel wear plates.

When we suggested using a different steel at twice the usual price, they considered what they had to gain and gave it a try. Using QT-PLUS ®, JADCO’s through hardened wear steel; it lasted over 5 months. The QT-PLUS ® plates were the same thickness steel, working at the same production levels.

For this conversation let’s use $10,000 for the brand name AR400; and $20,000 for the QT-PLUS ®. We will use $5,000 as the contractor’s fee to remove and install the replacement wear steel, to keep our math simple.

Now add in removing and reinstalling the wear plate costs every month and buying the AR400 four more times, it becomes obvious which provided the greatest value to the customer.

Let’s do the math:

Material cost: $10,000 x 5 months = $50,000.
Labor cost: $5,000 x 5 months = $25,000.
The total for the 5 month period= $75,000.
QT-PLUS ® material cost: Once = $20,000.
Labor cost: Once = $ 5,000.
The total for the 5 month period= $25,000.

Where their previous steel cost was $15,000 per month, the QT-PLUS ® averaged just $5,000 per month. That is delivering real value.

This is a real world savings of over $100,000 per year with just one application. Needless to say, they now have QT-PLUS ® installed in all of their most challenging applications.

The value the customer received is five times the life for twice their original material investment.

But wait, there is more good news…

Our math example doesn’t take into account reducing the negative impact of lost production. Or the gains by improving issues in other areas due to better utilizing the freed up labor hours now available every month.

Their return on investment has been enormous.

It is easy to realize the cheapest wear plate often ends up being your most expensive choice. And delivers the least value.

If by investing a little more money up front, you can eliminate your wear plate issue, you no longer have a problem.

You are now making a deliberate choice to either select the correct wear plate and take control of your headache; or elect to suffer with the pain and expense of the cheaper option far into the future.

Your choice is simple.

Email or call (724) 452-5252 today to schedule a meeting with one of our sales pros to get your wear headaches under control.

Or you can choose to stock up on Tums and Excedrin.

On second thought, that isn’t a good choice either. You will need the extra cash for buying additional AR400.
Contact JADCO today. The money you save goes straight to your bottom line.


QT-PLUS liner installed in the field.