Wear Resistant Steel Price Differences


Most abrasion resistant steel wear plate looks the same. Evaluating prices on wear resistant steel is not as easy as comparing food products in a grocery store.

I often compare steel wear plate to food, so everyone can easily understand and relate to these complex topics.

To make this easier to understand, I recently compared two different size boxes of the same breakfast cereal.


When you are grocery shopping, a quick glance at a larger size box and you immediately expect the initial purchase price will be higher. And you would be correct.

I paid $3.69 for 12.25 ounces of cereal in the standard size box, and $5.39 for the 21.6 ounce Family Size box.


Today most grocery stores have the price per ounce in tiny print at the bottom of the price label for the products.


The price label on the 12.25 ounce box at $3.69, lists 30.1¢ per ounce.

Or about 12 servings per box.


The price label on the 21.6 ounce box at $5.39, lists 25.0¢ per ounce.

Or about 22 servings per box.


Although it has a higher initial price, the price per ounce is less with the family size package.

In this example, the family size box of cereal is $1.70 higher price. Or 46% more than the standard size box.

What is the bottom line? You get 76.5% more cereal for 46% more money.

Because the family size comes in in larger box and contains more cereal, people automatically expect it to cost more.

When we receive more, we instinctively understand why it will cost more up front.

So what does breakfast cereal have to do with comparing abrasion and impact resistant steel?

If wear resistant steel had a label indicating you would receive ’X’ many months of life in your application; it would be very easy to select your wear steel based on how many months of life you would get.

Unfortunately there are two reasons it doesn’t work that way:

1. No two wear applications are exactly the same.

2. There are absolutely No Industry Standards for impact or abrasion wear resistant steel.

The problem is further compounded because most steel looks the same, with some different colored paint. Since most steel looks similar; often people expect them both to perform the same. And a majority of people expect they will also cost about the same.

Other customers may look at the prices of different wear resistant steel products and think, ‘Why would I consider paying 46% more for a through hardened steel than I could get from brand X!’

Yet the performance difference is often very significant; and your payback delivers a much longer life cycle.

The initial price difference between these two cereal boxes is $1.70.

With significantly more cereal in the larger box, you immediately understand you will get more bowls of cereal per box with the Family size.

It works exactly the same with wear resistant steel.

Selecting the proper quantities of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum, Titanium and Boron; you can create a through hardened steel that delivers longer, more predictable wear life.

With predictable wear life, it allows you to schedule replacing worn steel when it fits your schedule; rather than scrambling due to a catastrophic failure at your worst possible moment.

JADCO QT Plus ® delivers the lowest cost per unit of any wear plate available. You determine if the unit is by number of months or tons of production before you have to install new wear resistant steel.

If you only compare the initial cost, the best performing steel for your specific applications may look more expensive at first glance, compared to an underperforming generic brand.

Yet the more expensive option frequently turns out to be your least costly and smartest investment over time.

JADCO QT Plus ® delivers to you fewer breakdowns, more production, lower maintenance costs and greater profits per dollar than any wear resistant steel available.

In your own business, you know if something doesn’t work the first time; you do not buy more of it.

Over 88% of JADCO customers reorder QT Plus ® after using it for the first time in their installations, because it has proven to last longer in their own applications.

Reward yourself and test QT Plus ® in your worst wear related headache location.

We believe you will also wonder “Why did I wait so long to make an intelligent decision?”

Having the ability to create wear resistant steel having the same hardness through the thickness of the steel requires precise chemistry control and careful heat treating.

When you have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customer for the last 40 years; you understand why JADCO’s QT Plus ® is able to deliver greater performance in your applications than what you have been using previously.

Allow us to help you by calling (724) 452-5252, or email today. We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule requirements.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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