What Is It Like Working With JADCO?

The entire JADCO team prides itself on working with our customers to improve their results. The bottom line is we also make their lives easier. Here is an example doing one step correctly makes all the difference in the world for our customers. They don’t have to worry if the part will fit properly when it is from JADCO.


By creating countersunk plow bolt holes with our 5 axis computer controlled plasma table, guarantees the holes are in the right location and will fit correctly.

Countersink w 5 Axis Plasma

One of our many capabilities includes our beveling. Take a look at a countersink with 5 axis plasma burn table.


Here is the resulting countersunk hole for a plow bolt in out QT Plus ® through hardened wear plate. Notice the perfectly round hole with the square corners to retain the plow bolt. This style is used when the bolt heads are exposed to severe wear, which would otherwise wear the head off of a standard bolt.

Unfortunately, some people selling wear resistant steel parts pay less attention to detail.

Here is an example of how one small feature ignored by someone making wear parts without the correct equipment, can ruin the person’s day who has to struggle trying to install these components.


This competitor’s countersunk bolt hole in a Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) wear plate was hand gouged. This caused problems because the square shoulders of the ‘plow bolt’ need to fit tightly in the countersunk hole. When it doesn’t fit as this photo shows, the wear plate will not fit tight. This caused clearance issues, premature failure and unplanned down time.

Add up the cost of new parts, overnight shipment and overtime to get it installed, and what looked like “It Should Work Okay” just ruined someone’s day.

One customer’s observation about working with a difficult vendor:

“We thought they might be a headache; they turned out to be a migraine.”


You can see by these nearly round holes, the plow bolts had no chance of securing the wear plate. The customer wasn’t pleased and their maintenance crew was frustrated to have to modify the wear liners just to get them installed.

Or you can order the longest lasting wear items from JADCO, where the hole locations are exact and the bolts fit as intended. The choice is yours.


You can immediately see the quality difference with this Chromeweld 600 side liner.

What Is It Like Working With JADCO?

I tell people it is rewarding to sell products that work as promised. One customer replied, “You have no idea how nice it is to buy products that work!”

For the last 40 years we have focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer life for our customers.

We trust you now understand why JADCO delivers better results for our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing on your results.

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We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.

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