Which Carbide Plate Do I Use?

Deciding which chrome carbide overlay plate to use in your most challenging wear applications can be confusing and even stressful. You need to make the right selection to control your wear where it will contain some combination of abrasion and impact.

This brief video explains how to select one type of carbide plate, compared to another.
Which Carbide Plate Do I Use?

As one of the largest producers of CCO, or Chrome Carbide Overlay Plate in North America; JADCO president Sam Anderson answers your questions so you can confidently select the correct wear resistant steel plate to deliver maximum results in your investment.

Selecting the right carbide plate to use can be difficult at times, due to the variety of information available. Selecting the wrong one for your unique challenge can be costly, and actually lead to premature failure and breakdown.

Contact JADCO to schedule an experienced, trained representative to review your wear headache in person. Together we can review the challenges you face and discuss the different issues causing your problems. Then plan a solution that addresses the cause of the troubles, not just the symptoms.

The success you have reducing unplanned labor and material costs from breakdowns, go straight to your bottom line. JADCO is ready to partner with you to get incidents back under your control.


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