Why wear blocks are a maintenance manager’s best friend


As a maintenance manager you depend on being able to keep your equipment up and running. This can be difficult when your equipment is constantly subjected to impact and abrasion. When these elements consistently threaten the integrity of your equipment, you need something that will effectively protect the compromised areas. Wear blocks are easily installed and provide an economical solution to hard-facing a wide variety of surfaces.

Wear blocks provide several benefits over traditional abrasion-resistant plates. Here are a few reasons why wear blocks can be a maintenance manager’s best friend.

Harder than standard AR plate

Wear blocks often offer superior hardness to standard AR plate — offering greater wear resistance. Hardness is not everything, but it serves as a reliable indicator of how well the plate will stand the test of time. Wear blocks offer stronger protection and last longer than traditional AR plate.

Increased uptime

Wear blocks extend equipment uptime by taking wear and abrasion in place of the equipment itself. By bearing the brunt of the abrasion, wear blocks prevent damage to the primary equipment. The sacrificial nature of wear blocks increases uptime and maintains the structural integrity of your equipment. Wear blocks can maximize profitability by limiting number of times your equipment breaks down and lengthening maintenance cycles.

Quick maintenance fix

Wear blocks are easier to fix than performing maintenance on the component itself. When the wear block has sustained wear to the point of failure it is simply a matter of cutting off the block and welding a new one in place. This is much faster than replacing entire components or welding plate in place. Quicker maintenance means less downtime and increased productivity.

Longer maintenance cycles between needed repairs

Wear blocks preserve crucial equipment components and extend the maintenance cycles. Using wear blocks preserves the life of crucial and structural equipment materials, requiring less frequent replacement of major components. Improved durability means longer life cycles, less necessary repairs, and less money you spend on expensive procedures to maintain your equipment. With the addition of wear blocks you can greatly increase your company’s efficiency and productivity.

Protect your most valuable assets from the damage of wear and abrasion by using wear blocks. The benefits of using wear blocks are numerable: Increased uptime, quick maintenance fixes, fewer change outs, improved length of maintenance cycles between needed repairs, and is comprised of harder material than standard AR plate. Wear blocks can resist and even prevent costly interruptions to your operations. By greatly improving the efficiency of your work site, don’t be surprised if wear blocks become your new best friend.