Your Actual Cost of Wear Plate In Time and Money

In today’s unique industrial economic conditions, Time and Money are linked together more than ever before.

While there is no limit to the amount of money you can potentially earn in your life, but each of us only has just a set number of hours, minutes, and days.

In fact time is more valuable than money because it is finite, as we only have current time and future time.


Most people don’t think of their time in terms of money, yet when you don’t make your startup after a shutdown or rebuilding equipment, the cost of missing your deadline is very real, and expensive. With today’s supply chain issues, planning for shutdowns is even more challenging.

You Pay With Your Limited Available Time In Three Ways:

• Before Your Purchase — Time Spent Continually Repairing Wear Plate Equipment Applications. This Requires You To Invest Your Time. When you have to plan and expend labor to patch failing wear plate; you have wasted your time when you could have engaged in other beneficial areas.

• As a Transaction — Everyone usually thinks of this time where you hand over the agreed upon amount of money to get products or services. But there is another category you seldom consider. Some activities don’t have a monetary cost at all. For example, you “invest” your time and attention looking at Facebook or other activities. Every single moment in your day comes down to your decisions. It is up to each of us to invest our time wisely and do not squander our most limited resource.

• After Your Purchase — Wear resistant steel has to be installed after you remove the old materials. You’re paying not only with money for the steel, but with your time to put it together. But how long does it last before you have to replace it again?

Investing in longer lasting wear plate may require additional up front cost,

Make certain every time cost you invest with any vendor before purchasing a replacement is absolutely necessary.

If time is required after the purchase, help customers understand the value for them of paying with their time. Perhaps your product has less monetary cost because they put it together, or it has a greater ability to be personalized to their specific needs.

Are You Continuing To Use AR400, AR450 or AR500 In Your Most Challenging Wear Areas?

AR type steel was created in the late 1960s. It is time to get off the 60’s bus and see how we can take control of your biggest wear headaches.

Now You Can Finally Control Your Own Scheduled Replacements

Because JADCO QT-Plus ® has the same hardness completely through the thickness of the steel, your wear resistance is not only consistent – it is also very predictable.

Here is why consistent and predictable wear is critically important:

Let’s say you installed a ½” QT-Plus ® three years ago. Testing shows it has now worn to 3/8” thick. This means the wear removed 1/8” of material in 3 years. Now you can plan to replace it at a time you choose in another 3 years when it will likely have ¼” remaining. Capital budget planning and labor scheduling, are now finally under your complete control. Rather than losing sleep anticipating yet another unscheduled failure at the worst possible time, you select the time to replace the wear plate when it is convenient for your time and budget.

Your HUGE benefit is being able to walk away from a completed project without having to constantly worry if it will perform as needed. Now you can concentrate on the millions of other details demanding your time.

Extend the life cycle of your equipment

A perfect example is a major company in central Wisconsin. In 2005 they installed QT-Plus ® where they had always used AR 400. For this application, AR400 would barely make it 4 years. They wanted to double their plate life for this project, since labor costs have increased dramatically. Inspection of the QT-Plus ® in 2012, allowed them to plan replacing this steel in 2015. This maintains both their budget and schedules.

The Hardness Of Your QT-Plus ® Steel Is Guaranteed

We test steel hardness ON EVERY SINGLE PLATE of QT-Plus ®.

We track every plate thru each project. There are no hidden gimmicks, excuses, concerns, or questions on what material went into your project. You always know what you get when you buy QT-Plus ®.

Our competition cannot match the QT Plus ® advantages you receive:

• QT-Plus ® is specifically designed to maintain 95% hardness at the midline of a 3” thick plate, when the competitors cannot say the same about 1” thick commodity AR type steel. This means the QT-Plus ® plate you use will be the same hardness throughout, guaranteed. Predictable wear means wear is under control.

• QT-Plus ® is readily formable using the right equipment: With a target hardness of 500 BHN, the precise ratio of critical elements allows us to cold form QT-Plus ®. But don’t plan on your neighborhood fabricator bending it. We designed this material to combat abrasion and impact. It will resist your bending efforts too. Forming QT Plus ® requires FOUR TIMES the force of mild steel. If your local fabricator can bend 1.5” thick mild steel, they can only bend 3/8” QT Plus ®. With two 1,000 ton press brakes and two sets of rolls we have the proper tools to form QT Plus ® for your specific needs. Call today to see how we can help.

• Welding QT Plus ® is easy when you follow proper standard welding procedures. Preheat the steel prior to welding, and use the correct welding alloys for the material. QT-Plus ® has high levels of Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum and Boron. We recommend using Fusion UltraBond welding wire created specifically for this steel.

• Avoid extra AR replacement costs and labor expense in standard replacement steel life cycles. Conserve your capital budget and profits. Extending your wear life in problem areas maximizes your results. A thorough project examination proves QT Plus ® to be your most cost effective material option available. Focus on your next biggest headache; how can we help there as well?

• Proudly made in the U.S.A!! QT-Plus ® is made to our precise specifications by Cleveland Cliffs in Conshohocken, PA. We discovered no other steel mill can match the exacting quality we demand. This assures you receive the best product available, with every order.

• Every QT-Plus ® plate is tested at the mill to assure consistent results for your applications. This gives you dependable, predictable results every time. If it doesn’t meet our specifications, it doesn’t ship – simple as that.

In one real world test after another, QT-Plus ® delivers longer, more predictable life than other alloy steel wear plates.

So what do YOU get by working with JADCO?

• Expert Analysis to uncover the true cause of your problems, rather than just treating the symptoms.

• Compress Your Time to Results. My experience in a variety of industries will quickly determine what materials, methods and techniques will deliver the quickest results to control your applications.

• This is all about improving your results, not about steel. Using the right tools for the job delivers the results you have been searching for, but never had time to track down all the options. I can recommend the proper materials for your applications, even if my product is not the solution.

• Guaranteed Peace of Mind Knowing Your Wear Resistant Steel Will Fit. When we measure your replacement parts, they fit. Period. There are zero excuses.

• Delivering Maximum Life for Your Worst Wear Problems. There is a reason why our customers who bought QT-Plus ® reorder additional plates for their other applications. It simply works better than any other steel they have used. A large aggregate producer always replaced their loader bucket bottoms every other year. Their first QT-Plus ® replacement bucket bottom was installed in 2005 is still going strong in 2022. Since they no longer needed to be replaced as usual, this left thousands of dollars available for additional equipment.


This loader bucket replacement bottom was installed in 2005. With AR400, they had to replace the bottoms every two years. This one is still in use today. Would you like that performance in your equipment?

Are you continuing to patch your existing wear plate, while praying for better results?

Or will you finally get better results and longer life than you ever have before by using QT-Plus ®?

For over the last 40 years JADCO has focused exclusively on delivering consistent, longer equipment life for our customers.

Now you understand why we are able to deliver better results to our customers. We think differently by strictly focusing to improve your current results.

Allow us to help you today by calling (724) 452-5252, or email

We will schedule a meeting with one of our local wear plate specialists at a time that best fits your schedule.

Remember, the only thing you have to lose by not working with JADCO, are your profits.