Zero In On Your Target to Solve Your Wear Plate Challenges

It Is Almost Deer Hunting Season

Soon the November deer hunting season will arrive for another year. Many of our customers take vacation for the entire season; and a few even longer. The media claims there are enough armed hunters between the OH and PA woods during this season to make up the 4th largest army on earth! PLEASE HUNT SAFELY.

Hunters are Choosy with Their Equipment

Hunters often spend months researching new hunting equipment before selecting the one single item perfect for their individual needs. Upgrading to a new rifle, shotgun, scope, clothing, etc. is carefully planned to get the most from their investment. This research makes perfect sense as they will use this item for many years to come. They read magazine reviews, search online and discuss the benefits of each model with other hunting friends they respect.

This is Intelligent for Many Reasons.

Everyone wants the absolute highest performance for the lowest investment. In this case, literally “The Biggest Bang for Their Buck”; pun intended.

Let’s Compare Scopes as an Example

I recently compared two popular scopes at Scheels’ Sporting Goods. The Barska 3-9 x 40 scope sells for $29.99, while the exact same size Leupold 3-9 x 40 scope is $299.99. A low cost scope looks appealing until the sun is starting to rise, and you notice in low light at 100 yards everything is a little fuzzy. This is prime time for hunting. You waited all year for this precise moment. Now you have to live with the fact that it will never get clearer.


The Leupold scope however, always delivers crystal clear images. In the same morning low-light, your cross hairs line up on YOUR monster 12-point buck. You clearly see his breath exhale in the crisp November sunrise. You can tell the difference between the scopes immediately. Will your story be of the one that got away? Or do you point to the extraordinary mount on your wall? Is the difference in the scope prices worth it to you? I’ll bet it is.


Here is the Truth About Every Hunter.

Your objective is to acquire the best product available for the price, without paying extra. You would never buy a scope, rifle, hunting clothes or even a gun case to discard it at the end of the season. That would be spending stupid money. Yet, how often does that happen when using the cheapest items?


Checking for rifle scopes, you can tell hunters are far more interested in expensive scopes than simply buying the cheapest option. There are a total of 12 scopes available under $100. And 38 scopes sell for over $500.

Hunters understand their investment in the best scope will not be inexpensive, but it will allow them to achieve their goal – the biggest buck they have ever seen.

What Does This Have to do with Wear Plate?

It baffles me why so many people continue to replace their low cost, under-performing AR400 type steel every year, or every other year. Decades ago, big companies had huge maintenance staffs and labor was a fixed expense. They believed they could replace cheaper wear plate more often, since their welders were paid regardless of what they were doing.

Fast forward to today. Your reduced staff is already wearing too many hats. Outside contractors do a great job, but come at a significantly higher price. So why do companies still operate this way? Frequently I hear, “We have always used ‘X’ material.” I think often what happens with people new to their position, is they look in the job folder and simply reorder what was used last time.

Do you automatically reorder without seeing if a better product is available? Are you curious if there are better performing products for your application, that will deliver longer life?

I Blame Lousy Salespeople

I believe poor salespeople are to blame. Many of these sales impostors think their customers will only buy at the cheapest possible price. There may be plausible reasons for this, but not very often. Poor salespeople often sell wear plate by only comparing two factors; price and hardness. While these numbers are certainly important, they are far from the only crucial information.

Using this flawed comparison method; would you select a hunting scope based only on color and overall length? Features yes, but they don’t address your important hunting performance needs.

Do You Want to Improve Your Wear Plate Performance?

To increase your wear plate Return on Investment, review your specific application headaches with a salesperson trained to make certain you get the most for your investment. Working with a JADCO wear plate specialist, you will quickly notice we ask more questions than your other steel vendors.

A doctor would never recommend surgery as the first treatment for any ailment, before seeing if two aspirins will control your symptoms. I never recommend any product until we review your specific issues together. This assures we select the correct material for your individual application.

Would You Like to Test Over 100 Different Wear Plates?

Don’t be satisfied with the same wear steel you have used for years or even decades. Since first creating JADCO QT Plus ® in 1980, we have tweaked and improved our formula 4 times to assure it continues to be the highest performing wear plate in your industry.

You could test over 100 different wear plates and track how each compares. While tracking impact resistance and abrasion resistance in your wear challenges requires an enormous budget, and dedication to tracking performance. Unlike selecting your deer hunting equipment, there are no magazines dedicated to informing you which wear resistant steel will deliver the best Return on Investment.

At JADCO, we have already done that to make certain it delivers the longest wear life in your application. This saves your time and guarantees you receive only the best.

JADCO QT Plus ® gives you the Biggest Bang for your wear resistant steel Buck.

Here Is Your Next Step

Look at your calendar, select your preferred day and time before you call JADCO at (724) 452-5252, or send a message with your best email address to and together we will review your greatest wear challenges at your convenience.

P.S. Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Recently a leading aggregate customer placed an order for a cutting edge, 2 bucket liners and wear plates for his chute already cut to shape. Previously this customer replaced AR400 loader bucket bottoms every two years. The owner asked the crushing manager if QT Plus ® was the price worth the extra money for longer life, or should we use the low price product from another company?

He answered, “I can’t tell you how long it will last. We first installed a JADCO QT Plus ® bucket bottom in 2010 and haven’t had to touch it since. Everything we use from JADCO just works.”

The owner’s reply was a classic, “We don’t spend stupid money on equipment that doesn’t last. Go with JADCO”. The have experienced first-hand the JADCO difference and understand their initial investment will pay for itself several time over.

How can we assist you in controlling your worst wear plate headaches?

Contact us today to schedule a time to connect.

Hopefully we will also hear about YOUR monster buck!