CHROMEWELD ™ 600 Chromium Carbide Plate

The global standard in abrasion resistant chromium carbide plate.

CHROMEWELD 600 is a 600 Brinnell chromium carbide plate that is manufactured by JADCO and is ideal for surfaces requiring high levels of abrasion resistance.

Incredible hardness, unrivaled performance

Precision-manufactured with a mild steel (A36) base plate and hardfaced/overlayed with our proprietary wire, CHROMEWELD™ 600 is a premium grade of chromium carbide plate.  Alternative options available for the base plate, including but not limited to:  A572 and stainless steel.

CHROMEWELD™ 600 has been proven in the Coal mines of Appalachia, the aggregates of North Carolina, and the Gold fields of Africa.

Learn how CHROMEWELD™ 600 can solve your unique abrasion challenges

Regardless of whether a CHROMEWELD™ 600 application requires machining, cold bending, welding, CHROMEWELD™ 600 will yield outstanding results if you follow these helpful instructions.



CHROMEWELD™ 600 typical hardness ranges from 58-62 HrC based on weld deposit thickness. The surface of plate is a composite of chromium iron carbides in a chromium austenitic matrix. The surface of the plate exhibits numerous hairline cracks which are a natural stress relieving phenomenon that is essential to the performance of the plate and enable it to be formed, bent, and rolled without damage. The surface of plate is a composite of chromium iron carbides in a chromium austenitic matrix. Typical hardness of the CHROMEWELD™ 600 is 58-62 HRC, depending on the thickness of the overlay.

  • Standard plate sizes are 90” X 120” and 90" x 240".

  • Custom sizes available upon request, please contact us directly for more details.

  • Base plate options include (but not limited to):  A36, A572, and Stainless Steel.  For more information or other options, please contact your JADCO sales representative.

  • CHROMEWELD™ 600 displays excellent abrasion resistance and will withstand continuous moderate impact.

  • CHROMEWELD™ 600 overlay will remain abrasion resistant at temperature up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Standard thickness range from 1/8” on 1/8” (.25”) through 1/2” on 1” (1.5”).  Custom plate thicknesses available, JADCO can manufacture plate to your specific application.

The JADCO process produces a microstructure consisting of fully austenitic matrix filled with primary carbides. This structure provides outstanding abrasion resistance in the most challenging applications.