CHROMEWELD Nb PLUS is a Niobium (Nb) carbide overlay plate optimized for fine particle and extreme abrasion.

CHROMEWELD Nb PLUS weld deposit consists of primary chromium carbides compiled with niobium carbides in an austenitic matrix.

By comparison, CHROMEWELD Nb PLUS contains a more abrasion resistant deposit to traditional chrome carbide plates. Depending on the specific environment, wear life can be extended 30-60%. This plate also offers better wear resistant at elevated temperatures due to its enhanced chemistry. Standard Plate size is 90” x 120”. CHROMEWELD™ Nb PLUS displays excellent abrasion fine particle resistance and will withstand continuous moderate impact.  Standard thickness range from 1/8” on ¼” (.375”) through ½” on ½” (1”)

Learn how CHROMEWELD™ Nb PLUS can solve your unique abrasion challenges