Our History

JADCO Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading global provider of unique solutions to combat impact and abrasion challenges for over 40 years. Founded in August of 1980, we pride ourselves in providing unmatched technical expertise, quality, and customer service.  JADCO offers an unparalleled array of proprietary products to optimize operations.

We continue to look to ways to grow in our offerings to our existing and new customers.

Our Quality Policy

 JADCO Manufacturing, Inc.'s focus is to strengthen our position as the premier leading provider of impact and abrasion wear solutions.  To attain this goal, all employees are committed to our Quality System by:

  •  Meeting or exceeding our customer requirements
  • Continuously improving our products and processes
  • Providing a safe work environment
  • Reducing waste
  • Maintaining competitiveness in the marketplace

For over 40 years, JADCO Manufacturing has been A Global Wear Solution Provider For Your Impact And Abrasion Challenges.

 Just 30 minutes north of the “steel city” (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), we are a leading provider of solutions for impact and abrasion challenges. We commit ourselves to providing unrivaled technical expertise, quality, and customer service. Our unparalleled array of wear resistant products will optimize your operations and increase return on wear investment.

Our design and fabrication expertise delivers genuine value no matter what your need: 

  •  Increased tonnage
  •  Superior wear life
  •  Reduced maintenance costs.

We will understand and help solve the performance and operational challenges that prevent you from maximizing profits and productivity, while standing behind everything we produce and do for you.

Our Promise:

We examine raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods to ensure that everything we manufacture is to your precise specifications. Our technical support team works directly with your designers and engineers, using Autocad™ and SolidWorks® and 3D scanning to plan every project detail.