Use a custom screen plate that is precise and reliable. Boasting an improved tonnage per screen, far less downtime, lower changeout costs, and utilizing our QT-PLUS® wear steel, JADCO screen plates will generate the highest return on wear investment in the industry.

Screen Applications

Applications for screen plates increase every year, and our ability to design and fabricate virtually any opening using high-definition plasma enables us to quickly deliver custom or standard screen plates.

Our screen plates come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including slits, circles, rectangles and hexagons. Their advantages include:

  • Excellent wear life
  • Increased productivity
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Improved screening efficiency
  • Customized to stringent specifications
Learn more about JADCO Screen Plates made with QT-PLUS®:
Ease of Maintenance

Perforated screens will not stretch, so no re-tensioning is required.

Screening Efficiency

Due to the structural integrity of QT-PLUS® plate, holes can be placed closer together for increased screening efficiency.


Our technical support team can provide any percent of opening and configuration you require.

Made with QT-PLUS®

We precisely manufacture our screen plates according to the most stringent of specifications using QT-PLUS®. The result is a screen plate with ten times the wear life of conventional carbon steel screens, all while offering exceptional customization, precision, and reliability.

QT-PLUS® out-performs wire cloth and allows for greater design flexibility

QT-PLUS® has the wear resistance to outlast any carbon steel plate or wire cloth and requires fewer change-outs and less downtime. Our perforated screens won’t stretch, so no re-tensioning is required. The structural integrity of our material enables holes to be placed closer together for increased screening efficiency, and our CAD team can design for any percent of opening and configuration.

Excellent Wear Life

QT-PLUS® is a premium quality through hardened wear steel with up to 3-5 times wear life of commodity wear steel.

Increased Productivity

Fewer change-outs and less downtime.