Duracorr® 300 Corrosion Resistant Steel

Duracorr® 300 Corrosion and Abrasion Resistant Wear Steel

JADCO Manufacturing is an approved reseller of Duracorr® 300. Duracorr® 300, is a low carbon, 12% chromium stainless steel which is produced to a nominal hardness of 300 BHN, for applications where both abrasion and corrosion resistance are required. Improved dent resistance is a strong attribute for Duracorr® 300 over the other stainless steels.

Typical Applications for Duracorr® 300:
  • Truck Liners (including Salt)
  • Quarry Chutes
  • Coal Processing
  • Power Plants
  • Paper Mills
***Duracorr® 300 was developed by and is a registered trademark of ArcelorMittal USA, the manufacturer of Duracorr® 300.***