Reduce Downtime Due to Wear in Quarries and Processing Plants

Learn how corrosion and abrasion resistant wear steel can keep your operations running longer.

Equipment wear is a natural part of any business that deals with corrosion and abrasion on a consistent basis. The unfortunate truth is that this kind of wear will cause you to replace your wear guards, which results in downtime in your operation.

Duracorr® 300 is a light-weight, structural steel that helps reduce downtime by better withstanding wear. We've created this spec sheet to provide more details about Duracorr® 300.

In this spec sheet you will

Discover Duracorr® 300's fabrication facts.
Get more information about the make up of Duracorr® 300.
Explore the sizes and chemistry of Duracorr® 300 for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Better understand how to reduce the wear shutting down your operations. Download our spec sheet today by filling out the form on this page!

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