FUSION GO is a unique chrome free hardfacing wire, meant for particularly high abrasive wear and moderate impact applications. Being chrome-free there is no hexavalent chromium produced by the welding wire when being used, eliminating health concerns.

The special formulation allows you to produce excellent abrasion resistance in a single layer. It can be applied to carbon, low alloy, or manganese steels and can be used in hot wear applications up to 1100°F. No shielding gas is required for this welding wire making it a convenient material to work with. FUSION GO hardfacing wire is formulated to be used in applications where sand and earth are the main wear material.

Typical Applications Include:

  • Buckets/Shovels

  • Mining Equipment

  • Slurry Pipes

  • Drag Line Components

  • Chutes/Hoppers

  • Dredge Parts