Which Is The Right Steel for Chain Sprockets?

When you purchase a new chain, you want to match it with a new sprocket.

Why Do You Not Run A New Sprocket On An Old Chain?

If you install a new sprocket and running on used chain, your pitch is going to be offset. Pitch is the distance from one pin to the next pin; and that distance needs to match on both the sprocket and chain.

Why Do You Not Run A New Chain On A Used Sprocket?

If you run a new chain on a used sprocket, the chain will not have full engagement with the sprocket teeth; and it will try to jump off the sprocket. The contact area for the teeth on a worn sprocket will have a different pitch length than on a new sprocket. The result is it will not seat the chain correctly.

Sometimes t...

Do You Have Wear Plate Blind Spot Issues?

Every business owner, manager or supervisor; has blind spots when it comes to their own equipment.

When we’re so close to our own issues every day, it’s difficult to identify them; let alone know how to fix them.

So how do you locate and improve what had been your own blind spots, when you can’t even see them? Here’s how every super-successful person in history does it.

Most of our business friends have a friendly competition that spurs us each to perform better.

It's so much harder to see the problems in our own business, and even harder to see the opportunities. But it's far easier to see the opportunities for someone else in their business.

When you get a group of like...

Never Do These 3 Things With CCO Wear Plate

Some people discard the idea of using Chrome Carbide Overlay (CCO) wear plate, because they don’t have any personal experience using the material.


The surface of CCO wear plate looks completely different than what people are used to seeing from steel wear products. Notice the uniform welded bead surface of Chromeweld 600 ™ in the above photo.

1. Never Install CCO Plate Upside Down, With The Mild Steel Base Plate Exposed To The Abrasive Material.

It is easy to dismiss this tip as “Everyone knows that!”, if you have experience with clad plate.

You Don’t Know - What You Don’t Know. Until you have experience working with CCO plate, you may not be aware which sid...

2022 Coal Prep Show

Coal Prep Plants experience remarkable wear when processing Raw Coal into Clean Coal.

We are exhibiting in booth 326 at the Coal Prep Show in Lexington, KY April 26-28, 2022. Come and see how we can assist your maintenance and production schedules.

Here is a list of common Coal Prep Plant wear challenges; where our customers have achieved 2 to 4 times longer life in their applications.


Hammermill Screens, Grates & Breaker


If you are using punch plate or burned AR or Stainless Steel Screens, QT-Plus ® can typically offer 2 or more times the wear life over an AR400 Screen.

Sump Cover Screens are another application where QT-Plus ® and Duracorr have performed well compared to using...

CastExpo '22 Opens In Columbus OH

CastExpo ’22 opened yesterday April 23 and runs through Wednesday April 26, in Columbus OH.

Held every 3 years and drawing attendees from nearly every state in the US and internationally, this is the largest foundry show in North America.


You will get more life in your shake out decks and discharge plates with JADCO QT-Plus ®.

The foundry industry is booming as foundries have ramped up and are running flat out to overcome supply chain shortages.

The JADCO foundry wear team is attending the show, connecting with customers to help their wear applications last longer than ever.

There are few guarantees in foundries for wear resistant steel applications, but you can rely on the following:...

What Would You Be Willing To Do, If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

If you could solve your most challenging wear problems by simply writing a check; would you continue making the same decisions you are today?

Wear resistant steel around the world is replaced every day in heavy industries like pulp and paper, mining, aggregate, foundries, steel mills, etc.

JADCO has transformed real world results for wear applications in these and other industries by simply replacing their standard steel wear plate, with the correct abrasion and impact resistant steel for their application.

Yet most people continue to replace their worn out wear plate with the same under-performing products, without even considering if there are better mat...

Your Actual Cost of Wear Plate In Time and Money

In today’s unique industrial economic conditions, Time and Money are linked together more than ever before.

While there is no limit to the amount of money you can potentially earn in your life, but each of us only has just a set number of hours, minutes, and days.

In fact time is more valuable than money because it is finite, as we only have current time and future time.


Most people don’t think of their time in terms of money, yet when you don’t make your startup after a shutdown or rebuilding equipment, the cost of missing your deadline is very real, and expensive. With today’s supply chain issues, planning for shutdowns is even more challenging.

You Pay With Your Limi...

Work With A Coach To Improve Your Results

When it comes to understanding your own equipment, some people on your team may believe they already know all the answers.

In different types of businesses, people work with one or more coaches to improve their performance and net results.

Which one will get the best results and performance from their team?

Betting odds say those who have been coached will achieve higher levels of performance.


Recently the NFL free agency period began. Teams pay enormous amounts of money to lure the best available players from other teams to come over to their team.

Looking back at the 2021 football playoff wild card weekend, only 8 out of the 32 NFL teams continue to play.

At every level, there are specialize...

Quick Ship Incline Floor Wear Packages A Hit With Asphalt Plants

Today starts the 2022 World of Asphalt Show in Nashville, TN; running from March 29 – 31, 2022.

This is the perfect time to review the advantages of working with JADCO to improve your wear performance.


Chromeweld 600 incline floor liners are ready to extend your equipment wear life.

Which Wear Plate Should I Use Next?

There are any number of companies selling wear plate and claim they have a great product.

When it is time to improve your results, how do you know which to choose? The last thing you want is having your performance go backwards.

The first thing you need to determine is if your wear is primarily from abrasion or impact.

You can determine this with one simple answer:

Has your wear plate cracked in use before?

If your answer is yes, we have betting odds it was caused by more impact than your steel wear plate could survive.

A metallurgist once told me:

“Anyone can design a wear plate to have high hardness test numbers. When you have a wear plate with high hardness AND it can take impact, is where...